Panasonic presents the TV innovations for this year


Just in time for CES 2021, Panasonic presented its nine JZ-2000 OLED TVs. Now the manufacturer has also presented the rest of the TV line-up for this year. This includes two OLED series and three new LCD device series. And Panasonic has something new up its sleeve for sound lovers too.

The new OLED devices

Panasonic’s new OLED devices include the JZC1004 and JZC984. According to Panasonic, these are available for the first time in three sizes with versions in 65, 55 and 48 inches. The HCX Pro AI Processor is in the devices. The same chip that powers the TV presented at CES. Therefore, the JZC1004 and JZC984 have a lot in common with the 2000 series. The TVs analyze scenes in real time and automatically adjust the picture and sound accordingly. As Sebastian Wegielski, Product Manager at Panasonic, explained, users can still make the image settings manually thanks to the Auto-AI image mode.

Like the devices from last year, the JZC1004 and JZC984 also have Filmmaker mode on board. Its purpose is to ensure that films and series flicker on the television just as the directors and producers thought they would when shooting the film.

Sebastian Wegielski, Product Manager bei Panasonic. (Source: Screenshot)

The new OLED models support all common HDR formats including HLG Photo, Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision IQ and the new HDR10 + Adaptive. The sound systems of both devices have Dolby Atmos. According to Panasonic, users can also connect an external subwoofer. The JZC1004 and JZC984 have dual Bluetooth audio links. This makes it possible, for example, to pair two Bluetooth headphones with the TV independently of each other. “To watch a movie for two in the late evening without disturbing the sleeping offspring,” writes Panasonic. The manufacturer also has a new remote control ready for the new TVs.

During the presentation of the new OLED devices, Panasonic emphasized that they are also suitable for gamers. Both devices are equipped with the “Game Mode Extreme”. The televisions have a very low latency period, which makes them suitable for fast action games, according to Paul Williams, who is also from Osaka (Japan). The devices also have a refresh rate of 120 Hertz, which should ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Paul Williams, Assistant General Manager at Panasonic, joined in from Osaka. (Source: Screenshot)

Gamers can connect both a game console and a gaming PC to the TV models. “With ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), the television automatically selects the mode with the lowest latency when connecting compatible game consoles,” says Panasonic.

Two new LCDs

Like the new OLED devices, the JXW944 and JXW854 LCD TVs are also equipped with the HCX Pro AI Processor. This means that scenes are automatically optimized for these devices. And “Game Mode Extreme” and Filmmaker-Mode have recently been added to these two televisions. Thanks to the 4k resolution and 120 Hertz refresh rate, you can also enjoy any console game with these devices.

The new Ultra HD HDR LCD series support all common HDR formats such as HDR10 / PQ, HLG, HLG Photo and the dynamic formats HDR10 + Adaptive as well as Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision IQ for the JXW944. The TVs have an intelligent light sensor which, together with HDR10 + Adaptive and Dolby Vision IQ, ensures that scenes automatically adapt to the ambient brightness. In this way, viewers – regardless of whether they are watching TV in the sun or in the evening with little light – should always get a good picture with high contrast.

Der JXW944. (Source: Panasonic)

As with the OLED models, you can connect a subwoofer to the JXW944 and JXW854. In addition, HDMI with eARC allows the transmission of multi-channel audio formats via a single cable to a soundbar or external AV systems. The JXW944 also has Dolby Atmos. These two LCD devices also feature Dual Bluetooth Audio Link technology.

The JXW944 and JXW854 have device feet that can be attached in two different ways. If you mount the feet on the outside, the TV is lifted slightly, according to Panasonic, so that a soundbar can be found under the device. If you place the feet further in, the distance between the TV and the installation surface is smaller.

The third LCD in the league

The third LCD TV that Panasonic introduced is the JXW854. The device supports all common HDR formats including Dolby Vision and HDR10 + Adaptive. In addition, this TV also automatically adapts the scenes shown to the ambient brightness. According to Panasonic, the focus of this device is on streaming and a variety of apps. “At the push of a button, viewers call up the Android TV start screen with their favorite apps, preferred TV programs and video-on-demand providers that can be started directly,” it says.

Der JXW854. (Source: Panasonic)

Users could also adapt the start screen to their own preferences and sort the apps according to their personal taste. The JXW854 also offers direct access to the Google Play Store. The JXW854 will be available in sizes 65, 58, 50 and 40 inches.

The new premium hi-fi system

There’s something new from Panasonic, not just for the eyes, but also for the ears: the compact SC-PMX802 hi-fi system. The device receives FM and DAB +. The Bluetooth-enabled system is also suitable for the playback of various steaming services and Internet radio offers. Thanks to the Airplay 2 interface, you can also connect iPhone, Macbook and Co. to the SC-PMX802. For those who still rely on physical sound carriers, there is also a CD player on the device.

The SC-PMX802 hi-fi system. (Source: Panasonic)

The SC-PMX802 has a USB input. The system can also be connected to the television via aux-in or the optical digital input. According to the manufacturer, the Aux-in Auto-Play function ensures that the SC-PMX802 switches on automatically as soon as the television is started. You can also control them with the TV remote control. According to Panasonic, the built-in dome tweeters of the system reach frequencies of up to 50 kilohertz.

The Panasonic SC-PMX802 will be available in black and silver from the end of July 2021 at an RRP of 699 francs.

Panasonic has not yet announced RRPs for the new TV sets or their release dates.

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Panasonic presents innovations year


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