Pandemic – Despite a resinous start, Berset speaks of a success story: vaccination should finally pick up speed from April



Despite a resinous start, Berset speaks of a success story: So vaccination should finally pick up speed from April

Health Minister Alain Berset has received a lot of criticism for the federal council’s vaccination strategy. However, he calls this successful. By the end of July, an additional 8 million doses will arrive – enough to fully immunize around three-quarters of the adult population.

No, Switzerland is not the world champion in vaccination. Around 7 percent of the adult population are currently fully vaccinated against Corona. Around 44 percent of residents rate the vaccination campaign as too slow, according to a survey by the Sotomo research institute.

Yes, the epidemiological situation is worsening, the number of new infections is increasing, and there is no immediate easing in sight. No wonder that the mood of the population has reached new lows in surveys.

Switzerland does not need to shy away from international comparisons

With this in mind, the authorities set out on Thursday to inject confidence into the people: Health Minister Alain Berset, Economics Minister Guy Parmelin, the Vaudois government councilor and Vice-President of the Cantonal Health Directors’ Conference Rebecca Ruiz, as well as representatives of the Federal Office of Public Health and the vaccine manufacturer Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna presented the Swiss vaccination strategy as a success story.

They spoke positively about the Swiss vaccination strategy: the Vaudois government councilor Rebecca Ruiz, the federal councilors Alain Berset and Guy Parmelin, Sabine Bruckner, Managing Director Pfizer Switzerland, and Dan Staner, Vice President and European Head of Moderna (from right to left).

Bild: Anthony Anex/Keystone

No, Switzerland does not need to shy away from the international comparison of vaccinations. Yes, our country relied on the right, efficient vaccines. And if things move quickly now, we might soon get our lives back from the corona pandemic, so the message. In fact, the vaccination rate is expected to rise soon.

From April to the end of July, Alain Berset was pleased, Switzerland will receive 8.1 million new vaccine doses from Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna. With the doses already delivered, around 10.5 million vaccine doses from these two manufacturers alone will be available by the summer. This allowed a good 5 million people to be fully vaccinated.

At the end of June, all those willing to be vaccinated should have had their turn

The vaccination campaign will really pick up speed from April, when the larger quantities arrive. Health Minister Berset still thinks it is possible that all those willing to vaccinate will have received a prick or two by the end of June. Whether this goal is achieved also depends on the willingness to vaccinate. To put it simply: the fewer people are pricked, the sooner everyone who wants to be vaccinated will have their turn by the end of June.

According to a federal scenario, this could be the case as early as the second half of June if 50 percent of the non-risk group were ready to vaccinate. If the willingness to vaccinate climbs to 75 percent, we would get to that point in mid-July. The federal government expects 75 percent of the risk group to be vaccinated. If the Astrazeneca vaccine were approved, the rate of vaccination would accelerate.

The Federal Council’s goals are clear: it wants as many of the 7 million adult residents as possible to be immunized. And that the vaccinations are progressing quickly so that the country can finally dispose of the lockdown measures. Berset also put easing in sight: once the risk group has been vaccinated and the vaccination campaign among the general population, the restrictions should gradually be lifted – if an excessive third wave does not destroy the vaccination progress.

The federal government expects a wave of the disease among unvaccinated people

Berset repeated what he had suggested last week: Once all those willing to be vaccinated have been vaccinated, restrictions can hardly be justified. The dinner in the restaurant, attending a concert, cheering for the football match, the legal barbecue with any number of guests: all of this would be possible again. For certain events it is becoming apparent that in addition to the admission ticket, you have to pull out the vaccination certificate, also for flying. A small majority of the population currently rates a special regime for vaccinated people as inadmissible.

However, the end of the vaccination campaign does not mean the end of the pandemic. The Federal Council expects a wave of illness among those unwilling to vaccinate as soon as all measures are relaxed. This emerges from a document that the Federal Council sent to the cantons before the last opening step, the repeal of the rule of five. The coronavirus will continue to circulate even with a high vaccination coverage and cause a substantial number of diseases and deaths in those who are not vaccinated. The more people in the risk groups forego vaccination, the greater the burden on the hospitals.

Compared to the “NZZ am Sonntag”, the Geneva doctor and epidemiologist Didier Pittet said that because of the more contagious mutated variant, a vaccination rate of 80 percent would be needed to remove the soil from the virus. In its scenarios, the federal government calculates a maximum vaccination readiness of 75 percent. This figure also seems optimistic.

According to the Sotomo survey, only 44 percent of the population currently want to be vaccinated unconditionally. 20 percent would not do this under any circumstances. At 48 percent, vaccination skepticism is most widespread among SVP supporters.

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Pandemic resinous start Berset speaks success story vaccination finally pick speed April


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