Pandemic – Several corona parties in Vienna ended by the police


At about 11.30 p.m. the officials were called to the apartment in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus because of the noise of the party. The 15 people celebrating did not comply with the Covid regulations and were reported. A 32-year-old Bulgarian present was also arrested for illegal residence. The operation in the supermarket took place at around 1 a.m. on Johnstrasse. The employees apparently celebrated after the shop had closed from Saturday evening into the night. The police broke up the party and filed 14 reports according to the Covid regulation, reported press spokesman Marco Jammer.

Also at around 1 a.m., police officers followed up an anonymous tip on illegal gambling and prostitution in a pub in Hernals. An Austrian and eight women from the Ukraine were staying there. The man claimed to be an employee of the local owner. The women were reported according to the Covid entry regulation because, according to Jammer, they had not complied with the registration requirement and the Covid test requirement. In addition, the officers secured the passports in accordance with the Aliens Police Act and collected a temporary security deposit.

During the joint operation with the group for immediate measures by the City of Vienna and the financial police, the indications of illegal prostitution and illegal gambling were not initially confirmed. The non-present local owner is reported by the group for immediate measures after numerous violations of the trade regulations.

Also together with the group for emergency measures, the Viennese police carried out a priority action on the Danube Canal on Saturday afternoon. As in other public places in the city, numerous people gathered there when the weather was nice. “The officials entered into a dialogue with the people at the Danube Canal and since most of the visitors showed their understanding, there were no reports under the Covid Ordinance,” said police spokesman Jammer. One person was charged with illegally selling alcoholic beverages on the street.

“Together with the police, we check where it is absolutely necessary. The Danube Canal and the city’s hotspots should be usable for all visitors without hesitation,” said Walter Hillerer, head of the emergency measures group, quoted in the police broadcast. The executive and the city of Vienna appeal to the population to take responsibility, especially when it comes to being outdoors, it said.

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Pandemic corona parties Vienna ended police


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