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Last year in May, the XCOM 2 Collection for the Nintendo
published and was thus the first leap of the strategy series on a Nintendo platform. Now condense the rumors, that too XCOM: Chimera Squad for the Nintendo Switch will appear, at least if you have a current one PEGI installation
want to trust. Accordingly, the latest title in the XCOM series that it since April 2020 only for the PC there, also appear for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The strategy game received the classification “Not suitable for people under the age of 16”because it contains persistent depictions of violence against human characters. As soon as there is an official announcement about XCOM: Chimera Squad for the Nintendo Switch, you will of course find out here with us.

In the game you find yourself in the lighthouse city City 31, where humans, aliens and hybrids try to coexist in peace after a devastating war. However, dangerous conspiracy groups are trying to disturb the peace and the Chimera Squad was created to put an end to these threats.

Are you fans of the XCOM series and would you like a Nintendo Switch version?

Source: PEGI, YouTube (XCOM)

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PEGI rating suggests release XCOM Chimera Squad consoles ntower


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