Pfizer Germany: Boss would also take AstraZeneca


The CEO of Pfizer Germany, Peter Albiez, praised the competing vaccine developed by AstraZeneca. “I would take the vaccine, yes,” said Albiez yesterday on the Internet program “Bild live”. Every vaccine is tested by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and is therefore “safe and tolerable”.

Basically he thinks “a greater dynamic” of the vaccination campaign is necessary in Germany, said Albiez. “We have to think in big steps, in big dimensions.” He called for “everything” to be mobilized with a view to the coming months. The offers for vaccination should be “nationwide and low-threshold”.

Although vaccinations in supermarkets and bars are currently not realistic, they are a “vision of the future”. For example, vaccinations by “resident doctors, we have a very large number of them,” said Albiez. The involvement of companies could also be “another big step”.

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Pfizer Germany Boss AstraZeneca


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