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He would like to become as famous as his brother Pietro (28). And Marco Lombardi (31) does a lot for that!

Now the brother of the ex-DSDS winner even went to the beauty doc, had a so-called power boost injected in Düsseldorf.

BILD accompanied Lombardi – and talked to him about it.

Here Marco Lombardi is injected by a Düsseldorf beauty doctor Photo: Malte Krudewig

The reason for going to the beauty doc? Pietro!

Marco Lombardi to BILD: “My brother is a huge role model for me, I would like to become as famous as he is. I saw with him how one can grow from very small to very big. And I would like to come to the jungle camp! I want to get ready for that. “

Mischievous: Pietro (r.) And Marco Lombardi as kids

Mischievous: Pietro (r.) And Marco Lombardi as kidsPhoto: private

He emphasizes: “I am very often labeled ‘the brother of’. My goal is to build something of my own, also in public. Pietro supports me in everything, and I’m grateful to him for that. But I want to show Germany who I am, what character I have and what defines me. ”

The first step: a so-called power boost, in which he had a mix of special substances injected into his veins. A facial treatment (“HydraFacial”) should follow.

What is this boost supposed to do? Beauty Doc Dr. Murat Dagdelen: “This infusion of various substances and vitamins is adapted to the specific patient, from anti-aging to burn-out. Marco gets a fitness and beauty infusion that stimulates and gives power. “

DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi

DSDS winner Pietro LombardiPhoto: Henning Kaiser / dpa

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