Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack + Update 1.5 now available


The Southeast Asia Animal Pack for Planet Zoo is available now. It contains eight extraordinary animals that will delight virtual zoo visitors, as well as a new scenario in a mystical place. In this way, players can expand their zoo and master completely new challenges.

The Southeast Asia Animal Pack contains the largest number of new additions to Planet Zoo to date, all of which are native to the fabled region of Southeast Asia. From solitary tree dwellers to sociable strays, players are spoiled for choice. The animals include the clouded leopard, a beautiful tree cat that is rarely seen in its natural environment. Or the playful sun bear who loves to climb.

The full list of animals in the Southeast Asia Wildlife Package includes the clouded leopard, sun bear, proboscis monkey, Ussuri dhole, black-backed tapir, Sulawesi deer boar, binturong, and the great walking leaf. Zoo planners build wonderful habitats for these fabulous animals, dedicate time for them to meet their needs, and help them live comfortable wildlife in ideal surroundings.

The package also includes a scenario set in Perak, Malaysia. Here, players take on the challenge of developing a breathtaking zoo in a more tropical setting – the perfect setting for new and old Planet Zoo animals.

And that’s not all: the Southeast Asia Animals Pack will be rolled out along with a free update. Update 1.5, which is also available now for all Planet Zoo players, introduces a number of useful functions and improvements. Among them are several zoo entrances for visitors, video boards for better orientation of the guests, the possibility to change the volume and color of the water, and your own scenario. This invites zoo enthusiasts to transform Bernie’s country park Goodwin House into a world-class zoo.

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Planet Zoo Southeast Asia Animal Pack Update


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