Planica – ski flying: Karl Geiger triumphs on Friday – Markus Eisenbichler in the top ten


With a victory on his parade hill in Planica, the high-flyer Karl Geiger got other thoughts.

The man from Oberstdorf clenched his right fist in relief and grinned contentedly behind the white FFP2 mask. “The jump was really good,” said the ski flying world champion happily: “I was very motivated, it was really not easy on the day.”

On Friday, the gusty wind in the Slovenian “Tal der Schanzen” whirled up the second flight competition at the World Cup final – and caused additional stomach ache in view of the terrible fall of team Olympic champion Daniel-André Tande the day before. The final round had to be canceled for security reasons.

Forecast “very positive” – ​​but Tande has to stay in a coma longer


Geiger stayed cool, landed on the legendary “Letalnica” at 232.0 m and celebrated his third win of the season in front of the Japanese winner Ryoyu Kobayashi (231.0) and local hero Bor Pavlovcic (227.5) despite a strong tailwind.

Geiger jumped off the car key with a metal ring

Even though he had to improvise. The plastic buckle on one shoe was torn. “I was really a bit nervous because I had a material mishap upstairs,” Geiger told ZDF: “But I was good at improvising.”

Show of power by the ski flying world champion: Geiger triumphs in Planica

Equipped with a metal ring from a car key from an inspector, the improviser was unbeatable. “It works quite well, I’m thinking about leaving it,” added Geiger with a smile.

For the team world champion it was the third individual success this winter. Before that, Geiger had also crowned himself flying champion in Planica in December, and the 28-year-old also won the start of the tour in his home town of Oberstdorf. Markus Eisenbichler, who was second on Thursday, had to settle for eighth place after a flight at 223.0 m.

Ski jumping world: Thoughts are with Tande

The thoughts in the ski jumping circus were still tande on Friday. The 27-year-old Norwegian was put into an artificial coma for 24 hours, but is probably back on the mend after his bad crash landing in the trial run on Thursday. He is to be woken up from his long-term anesthesia on Saturday morning.

“You did a CT of the head and neck, there were no abnormalities. The prognoses are very positive so far,” said Norway’s head coach Alexander Stoeckl. “He got through the night well. The situation is stable,” added team doctor Guri Ekaas.

Tande suffered a broken collarbone and was flown by helicopter to the university hospital in the capital Ljubljana on Thursday. “The most important thing for me is that it is not life-threatening,” said Norway’s sports director Clas Brede Braathen at “VG”.

He thanked the first aiders at the hill, who had done a “fantastic job”. In any case, the shock was written on the face of the Norwegian team. “We are like a small family, we travel so much together. To see such a fall with all the drama that goes with it, that is shocking,” said Braathen.

On Saturday (10:00 a.m.) a team competition is on the program before another single flight on Sunday (10:00 a.m. / both live on free TV on Eurosport 1 and on Eurosport on Joyn!) The long World Cup winter concludes.

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Planica ski flying Karl Geiger triumphs Friday Markus Eisenbichler top ten


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