Platter speaks out against lockdown



Despite the increasing number of infections, also in Tyrol, a lockdown for LH Günther Platter (ÖVP) is not an issue for the time being. In order for the current easing to persist, however, it needs the help of the population.

For a long time, Tyrol held up well with the number of new infections, with some of the lowest values ​​in Austria. But most recently, daily infections of 300 were reported. According to Günther Platter, the situation in the Tyrolean hospitals is still good. There is still free capacity, Tyrol is currently accepting patients from South Tyrol and Carinthia. Although events could change in a short time, the situation is currently well under control, said Platter.

Therefore, although a lockdown as in Eastern Austria is currently not an issue, Platter spoke out in favor of increased regional and local measures at community level. “Locking everything up again is not the right announcement.” If there is a problem locally, it must be dealt with properly.

Platter against opening of the catering trade

Since the pandemic is not over yet, relaxation is currently not useful for the catering industry, according to Platter. In addition, unlocking the restaurant would only be of no use for a few weeks if it had to be closed again due to the data situation.

What is needed now is more discipline and mutual consideration, emphasized Günther Platter. “The vaccinations are progressing, we have to see that we are disciplined for the next eight to ten weeks, then we will have a better life than we are now.”

Family celebrations as a turbo for virus spread

But the danger of another massive wave hovers like a sword of Damocles over Tyrol. Holidays and related family celebrations in particular have been a boost for the spread of the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Platter speaks lockdown


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