Play Steam titles – without a PC? New feature makes it possible!


Updated March 24, 2021, 2:03 p.m.

  • The latest version of Steam invites friends to play along – whether on PC, Mac or mobile devices.
  • Thanks to Remote Play Together, even guests who do not have a Steam account can play.
  • Especially co-op games with local multiplayer modes support the new feature.

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With Steam, “Half-Life” and “Counter-Strike” forge Valve has created a central sales platform that hardly any PC gamer can get past. With the latest update of the software, the operator is now expanding its potential customer base suddenly – and in an extremely user-friendly way.

Steam users can invite friends to selected co-op and multiplayer titles, even if they do not have their own Steam account. Not even a PC is necessary for the shared gaming experience. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are also suitable for the feature called Remote Play Together – thanks to games streaming technology. Only a controller coupled via Bluetooth is recommended for mobile gamers.

Steam without Steam?

Not every Steam game supports the function. However, co-op titles that have a local multiplayer mode – such as “A Way Out”, “Trine” or “Unravel Two” – seem particularly suitable. Only the host needs to have bought and installed the game. Eventually, the events are streamed via his computer. For everyone else, a simple invitation link is sufficient, so that owners of laptops, tablets, smartphones or televisions can also play – provided the internet connection is stable enough. Only one thing needs to be installed on mobile devices for the shared experience: the Steam Link app.

To activate the new feature, the host navigates through the Steam interface as follows: Start the game, open the Steam overlay (Shift + Tab). Click “Invite everyone to play” in the friends list and then create invitation links and send them to the desired guest. The Steam user can activate the devices of other players via the Steam Link app. Remote Play was presented in the beta version in 2019. The convenient invitation via link is new.

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