PlayStation 5 can now be ordered from Saturn and MediaMarkt


The PlayStation 5 is still hard to come by. The quotas that land at online retailers are usually sold out in a short time.
We would like to help you to bring one of the coveted consoles to your home and will notify you at this point with a kind of “news alarm” when the device has been sold at a dealer – even if it is there for example bundle sales in combination with a game or other hardware such as a second DualSense controller etc. In addition, we give tips on how you can increase your chances with certain dealers.

We are of course aware that you still need a pinch of luck to get hold of a PS5. And although we observe many sales channels, we may not be able to map all of them immediately. Nevertheless, you should normally be able to assume that you will not miss any sales launch while you are on

We primarily monitor the following dealers:

Amazon (Disc-Version) [zuletzt verfgbar: 17.03.]
[zuletzt verfgbar: 17.03.]

Amazon (Digital-Version) [zuletzt verfgbar: 30.03.]
Media Markt

To the device overview PlayStation 5 (solo) [zuletzt verfgbar: 26.03.]
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (solo)

Saturn [zuletzt verfgbar: 30.03.]
[zuletzt verfgbar: 19.03.]
[zuletzt verfgbar: vor Februar 2021]
To the device overview [zuletzt verfgbar: 19.03.]
[zuletzt verfgbar: 19.03.]
Alternate [zuletzt verfgbar: 25.03.]
[zuletzt verfgbar: 22.03.]
Cyberport [zuletzt verfgbar: 22.03.]
[zuletzt verfgbar: 24.02.]


But we also have a look at the following:
Games grotto

MyToys (Attention: Retailer requires surcharge on OVP)

Euronics Mller



General information:

Amazon: This has proven to be a tried and tested means of putting the device on a wish list and, if available, placing it directly in the shopping cart and performing the checkout instead of going through the product page.

MediaMarkt / Saturn: Here, too, the product on the notepad is the first step towards possible success. Updates the watch list until you can put the device in the shopping cart. MediaMarkt and Saturn usually offer their contingent for sale in several stages, so patience is required here.

Attention: As long as the message “This article is currently unavailable” does not appear and consoles are also displayed in the linked device overview, there is a contingent and will gradually be made available.


All with one star Versehehen Links in this article are so-called “affiliate links”: If you buy something through our link, we receive a small commission and use this to partially finance the free website with this income. There are no additional costs for you and you have the opportunity to support us with your purchases.

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PlayStation ordered Saturn MediaMarkt


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