Playstation 5: PS5 supplies available again soon? Insider has an insider tip


According to an insider, Amazon will soon receive 15,000 Playstation 5 consoles.

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Where can I buy the Playstation 5 again? Again and again, dealers offer contingents of the PS5. It is particularly important to keep an eye on some shops.

  • A coveted one PS5 getting hold of it is almost a miracle.
  • However, insiders have tips on which shops are fans of the Playstation 5 to the Sony console can get.
  • Consumers should also keep an eye on some retailers.

Update from Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021, 11.11 a.m .: Easter is getting closer and closer. A Playstation 5 Finding it in the Easter basket would probably be a dream come true for many. But can the dream also become reality? Because the Sony console is still rare. Fans of the PS5 therefore need to be attentive and certain Shops keep an eye on. Insiders reveal where the chances are particularly good.

Many gamers hope for another one in the weeks leading up to Easter PS5 replenishment. It should actually come in calendar week 12, as several senders confirmed to “”. Bigger ones Contingents however, are not to be expected. Instead, they become wide on the market scattered. That means: many different Dealers get some numbers off. But what are they? There is already a hot tip.

PS5: In which shops the Playstation 5 is sold – insider with a hot tip

As before, they are Elektronikmarkt-Ketten, to the fans of the Playstation 5 should keep an eye, as advised by gaming magazine. This includes, for example Expert. But also at toy retailers like MyToys the chances should be great. At Amazon on the other hand, it looks rather bad in the next few days.

Playstation 5 (PS5): Even months after the release, it’s hard to come by. (Symbol image)

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Playstation 5 hype continues: will the PS5 be available again soon?

Update from Sunday, March 21, 2021, 1:46 p.m .: To the machinations of scalpers when selling the Playstation 5 proceeding changes the retail chain Gamestop the future sales strategy. That from Sony for selling the PS5 authorized dealers announced in a press release, as reported by the portal “”.

The Gamestop declaration shows that the upcoming deliveries of the PS5 can only be bought in the branches by prior appointment. Because of that Corona established sales principle “Click & Meet“It is possible to prevent scalpers from using automated bots to tear themselves off multiple consoles and end up with expensive resales Playstation 5 enrich. This is “the most effective means to prevent purchases by bots and scalpers and to provide more real Playstation fans with the PS5”, a spokesman for Gamestop is quoted on “”. However, all copies of the next-gen consoles are currently sold out anyway. According to the online portal, wants Gamestop announce the next sale in advance.

Playstation 5: Dealer offers the new PS5 for sale – but there is a catch

For all gaming fans who do not want to wait any longer for an offer, a look at the telecommunications provider could be a good idea 1&1 worth it. There are those Playstation 5 currently to buy. But with one catch: The PS5 there is only in combination with a new DSL contract from 1 & 1. For all gamblers who are looking for a new DSL tariff anyway, this could be an option to quickly access one of the coveted ones Sony consoles to get.

In addition, has Sony meanwhile another online dealer for the sale of the Playstation 5 authorized. Game console fans can use the PS5 soon also on the website of the electronics retailer Alphatecc to buy. As reported by “”, gaming enthusiasts should keep a close eye on the relevant sales page in future.

Playstation 5: where to buy the PS5 – There are good chances at these shops

First report from Thursday, March 18, 2021, 3:31 p.m .: Offenbach – Vigilance and patience are currently traits that fans of the Playstation 5 absolutely need. Because it’s not exactly easy to get a coveted new console from Sony to get hold of. “Sold out” and “currently not available” is on many pages of the Online-Shops to read. Is the PS5 then available for a short time at a dealer, it means be quick and also be lucky. Because after a few moments they are all sold out again. Hope should be fans of the Next Gen Konsole but don’t give up. Insiders keep getting information about where and when to buy the PS5 again.

It’s no secret that it is at the Playstation 5 there is a gigantic demand that the supply cannot meet. In an interview, Playstation boss Jim Ryan had already explained why the PS5 is still in short supply. On the one hand, Corona plays a role, because the demand for electronic devices increased during the pandemic, and then there were complications in the supply chains. In addition, customers and dealers deal with Bots and resellers have to fight. For fans of the PS5 it makes you tear your hair. However, insiders reveal which retailers gamers still have chances of using the console.

Console name t Playstation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer t Sony
Type t Stationary console
Release 19. November 2020
price 499 (with drive)

Playstation 5: is there finally a supply? These dealers offer the Sony console

With large contingents of the PS5, so another one Sales wave as in November and December is not to be expected at first. But there are always smaller contingents available from dealers. To the known Sony partners not only include sizes like Saturn and Media Markt. As “” reports, fans of the Playstation 5 should also go to electronics chains such as Expert as well as small and medium-sized online shops.

  • Well-known Sony partner
  • Those:

It is important to know that sales could be started at any time and without much warning. Most recently, Amazon had the Playstation 5 on offer again *, even if it was sold out again after a short time. As reported by “”, Media Markt and Saturn always smaller ones PS5 stocks offered. It should be exciting in calendar week eleven, especially with the aforementioned electrical retail chains such as Expert become. It is also worth asking a trusted dealer on site.

Playstation 5: Gamers buy PS5 directly in the store – that’s what the offer is all about

Some PS5 consoles also made it straight to the reopened stores of Media Markt. As a thank you for their tireless efforts, the company offered employees small contingents of the console for purchase. However, some of the employees waived their right to advance sales. So the remaining numbers of Playstation 5 ended up with happy customers, as reported by “”.

In principle, however, the fact remains that the Playstation 5 in the Online-Shops is offered. Companies want to prevent mass starts in stores, as happened in Tokyo when the PS5 was sold. Real chaos broke out there. Hardly anyone kept a sufficient distance. Even if there is a risk online that scalpers will snatch thousands of Playstation 5 consoles with the help of bots, it is currently the best option due to Corona. Caution applies to third-party providers and dubious offers. Will the PS5 Sold well below the normal price of around 500 euros, the alarm bells should go off right away. (svw) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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Playstation PS5 supplies Insider insider tip


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