Police carry out speed controls “unfortunately with great success”


At the weekend, the Aargau canton police seized a car and a motorcycle whose drivers were driving too fast. (Subject image: Keystone)


The Aargau canton police carried out speed controls at several locations in the canton over the weekend, “unfortunately with great success,” as she wrote.

Two speeders had to leave their car or motorcycle at the same time.

The driver was caught on Saturday at 65 kilometers per hour (km / h) too much on the speedometer in W├╝renlos. 80 km / h would have been allowed at the measuring point, as the Aargau canton police announced on Sunday.

The motorcyclist also went to the police in Oberhof on Saturday. On the pass road to Benkerjoch he had exceeded the maximum speed limit by 74 km / h and was thus almost twice as fast as allowed.

In Schneisingen on Sunday a motorcycle learner was traveling at 141 km / h instead of the 80 allowed. He also had to hand in his learner’s license. A total of 16 car and motorcycle drivers were shown during the controls. A total of nine people had to hand in their driving licenses.

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Police carry speed controls great success


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