Police operation in district four – police dissolve unauthorized corona demonstration in district four


An unauthorized demonstration took place in District Four. The protesters called for better conditions for the care industry and a fairer distribution of vaccines.

The Zurich City Police were on site with a large number.

Sabina Bobst

On Saturday afternoon there was a demonstration by left activists in districts four and five. They protested after information from Day scoreboard for a fairer distribution of vaccines and better conditions for the care industry. The paper goes on to say that the police have already broken up the rally.

On the Hohlstrasse, the Hardbr├╝cke, on the Hardplatz and on the Badenerstrasse there were traffic obstructions during the rally, the city police of Zurich announced on Twitter on Saturday.

The number of protesters was manageable. The demonstration is not approved, however, because in Zurich the maximum number of participants for meetings in public spaces is limited to 15 people. The police were there, but acted according to the principle of proportionality, as communicated by the city police themselves.


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Police operation district police dissolve unauthorized corona demonstration district


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