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What was going on there?

Great excitement about ex-national soccer player Uli Borowka (58)! The former Bundesliga professional from Werder Bremen (made 388 Bundesliga games for Werder Bremen and Borussia Mönchengladbach and 6 international matches) was removed by the police from an anteroom of a Frankfurt bank while shooting the TV show “Prominent and homeless”.

What happened?

Borowka went to sleep in the bank as part of the show experiment (in which celebrities live on the street for 72 hours without money). Because it was just too cold outside, the temperature outside was minus 16 degrees.

Borowka only left the anteroom of the bank under protest and returned to the cold nightPhoto: RTLZWEI

The bank then made use of their house rules and called the police to have him kicked out. The officials escorted Borowka out of the building under protest and recorded his personal details.

RTLZWEI showed the scenes in the program on Wednesday evening.

What does Borowka say about the incident? He to BILD: “I didn’t understand it at this point. We were minus 16 degrees outside, I was alone, not drunk and in this situation there was no other way to find shelter. Had I been a real homeless man, helpless from drugs or alcohol abuse, I would probably have died that night. “

Borowka with the 1996 championship trophy

Borowka with the 1996 championship trophy. At that time he played for BremenPhoto: WITTERS

That is why he reacted angrily and not very cooperatively to the police officers. Borowka: “I was in a state of emergency, I was frozen through, overtired and felt helpless and rejected.”

The experiment as a whole was harder than he expected. “The cold was unbearable, you can’t imagine that from the sofa, no matter how hard you try. The situation on the street reminded me a lot of my past and made it clear to me. Having the feeling that I no longer belong to society has been a huge problem for me. ”

After his personal crash due to his alcohol addiction in the mid-1990s, he himself stood there for “a few days” without an apartment.

“Back then I was always homeless for a few days, but never permanently and not even under these circumstances. However, if I had not received any help from a certain point and had accepted it, I would have ended up exactly like that. “

Borowka is convinced: “That could affect anyone. You only need to take the wrong turn or make a wrong decision. “

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