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Welcome to our poll of the week, a format in which we ask you about exciting events about Nintendo and the video game world in general. Before we start with today’s topic, let’s start with the evaluation of the previous survey.

Last week’s poll

Last week we asked you about the future of the 2D Mario series. So we wanted to know whether you want a completely new game, a continuation of well-known series or no more games from the 2D Mario series and whether the developers should focus on the 3D Mario games. The clear majority of you would like a full-fledged successor that is not part of the New Super Mario Bros. series. For more answers, visit our past poll.

Poll of the Week

In Japan, when you buy a Nintendo Switch console, you can design the individual Joy-Con controllers in a kit. It looks something like this if you want to order a Nintendo Switch from the Japanese My Nintendo Store:

© Nintendo

With the Xbox Design Lab, Microsoft has an even more diverse variant of designing the controllers. At the moment the portal is paused and adapted to the new generation of consoles, but you could design your controller individually. It doesn’t just start with the color, you can also assign each key group its own color and different materials.

In Europe you can only buy prefabricated Joy-Con models, some Joy-Con colors are also only supplied exclusively with a Nintendo Switch console. Do you want individual customization options and are you even willing to pay more for them? Let us know what you think in the poll and in the comments.

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