Poor Germany: Ashley (13) doesn’t want to eat anything – the sad reason


“Poor Germany”: Girl (13) doesn’t want to eat anything for days – the reason is shocking

March 30, 2021 at 9:00 p.m.

Ashley (13) no longer has an appetite.  The family drama is affecting their health.
Ashley (13) no longer has an appetite. The family drama is affecting their health.

In der Doku-Soap „poor Germany – Your children ”, RTL2 focuses on minors who grow up in poverty. While some, despite Hartz 4 starve, the others are on the verge of homelessness.

On Tuesday the TV crew of “poor Germany“13-year-old Ashley in Baden-Württemberg. She has no real clue about “Hartz 4” regulations and the like, but the family drama has not left her without a trace.

poor Germany“: Family threatens homelessness

Ashley currently lives in a multi-story house with her four siblings and mother Doreen. The mother of five works at night as a cleaner in a fitness studio and earns between 600 to 1,700 euros a month, as she says at “poor Germany reported. She can still keep her family afloat, but soon they could all end up on the street.

Because: The family house is to be foreclosed. Ashley’s father is said to be to blame for the accident. Things got dirty after their parents split up. “When we bought the house, we were still a couple. So we bought it together, half of it is in there, half of me is in the land register. In 2012 he changed that I no longer receive any information, ”explains Doreen.

Her ex decided that he would take care of the house loan if she took over the electricity and water bills for the entire building. But one day a bailiff showed up at Doreen’s house, who told her that the house would be foreclosed. Ashley’s father doesn’t seem to have kept his word.


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poor Germany“:” Very disgusting ” Daughter has lost her appetite

On top of that, the house is in dire straits. No hot water, there is no electricity on the ground floor and mold is growing on the walls. A new construction site can be found in every room. Ashley and her siblings have to improvise in the shabby home: “If I have to brush my teeth, I have to go to the kitchen. That’s really disgusting, at least I think. “

So it’s understandable that the 13-year-old no longer feels comfortable. Ashley’s appetite is gone. “Now and then I don’t eat anything for two or three days. I just don’t have an appetite, I’m not hungry, ”she says. The student is visibly suffering from all the stress.

Mama Doreen should warn her daughter again and again when she refuses to eat. “Which I don’t understand, because she sometimes doesn’t eat anything for several days,” says Ashley.


Child poverty in Germany: the sad numbers

  • More than every fifth child in Germany grows up in poverty – around 2.8 million children and young people are involved
  • For more than half of the children affected, this is a permanent condition – this means that they live in poverty continuously or repeatedly for at least five years
  • Despite economic developments and family policy reforms in recent years, the problem of child poverty persists in Germany


Even if it’s an adult matter, the 13-year-old just can’t stop thinking about what will become of her and her siblings if they are kicked out of the house.

You can find out how things will continue for Doreen and her children on Tuesday evening at 8.15 p.m. on RTLZWEI.

You missed the show? You can find the entire episode of “Poor Germany – Your Children” in the TVNOW media library.

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Poor Germany Ashley doesnt eat sad reason


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