Pope cuts cardinals and clergymen’s salaries


It is a necessary step to contain staff costs, which constitute a significant part of the costs of the Holy See. For cardinals, the salary will be reduced by ten percent, for priests and staff who are not in leading positions, the cut will be three percent, the Vatican announced on Wednesday.

The economic prefect of the Catholic Papal States, Father Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves, asked the faithful for support in an interview published in mid-March. “The estimated spending for 2021 is the lowest in the recent history of the Holy See,” said Guerrero. Overall, a loss of around 50 million euros is expected.

Guerrero assured that salaries and jobs would remain. The Vatican’s budget this year is around 213 million euros. In 2019, the year before the pandemic began, the Papal States still had 307 million euros available. The financial effects of the corona pandemic are also causing problems for the Vatican.


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Pope cuts cardinals clergymens salaries


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