Post-Covid ambulance opens in Schkeuditz


Some people who become infected with the corona virus are still not doing well weeks or months afterwards. The Saxon Hospital Altscherbitz would now like to help these people. In a special post-Covid ambulance, things should be investigated.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are also possible

“We don’t have as many patients as we’d like,” says the doctor in charge, Stefanie Fehre. “However, this is also due to the fact that the inhibition threshold to seek psychiatric help is still high.” Her post-Covid outpatient clinic works exclusively without coercion. “Our aim is to work with the patient to see where there is still a need for support and how we can best help.” In addition to psychotherapeutic support, physiotherapy or occupational therapy, for example, is also conceivable. “It really depends on what complaints people have,” says Fehre.

Diagnostics and therapy

In the so-called post-Covid syndrome, in addition to persistent physical symptoms, exhaustion, exercise intolerance, concentration and thinking disorders as well as headaches or sleep disorders could occur. “In-patient treatment and some ventilated patients also often develop post-traumatic stress disorders following invasive, intensive care treatment,” explains Head Physician Barbara Richter, a specialist in psychiatry, psychotherapy and neurology. “We support you in differentiating between ‘normal’ psychological stress caused by the pandemic situation or an accompanying depression or anxiety disorder and offer professional diagnosis and therapy for the symptoms.”

Additional offer

The post-Covid outpatient clinic was set up in addition to the current offer and consultation hours. “It just became clear that a lot of people are struggling with it,” says Fehre. “We wanted to create a time window with enough space especially for post-Covid patients with our own consultation hours.” In the discussions, therapies would be shown that make both patients and specialists feel good, said the doctor . “We want to help all those who have been infected and realize that it’s not all right yet.”

Goal: more quality of life

The goals of the treatment are to stabilize the emotional situation, to train the adequate handling of stress in stressful situations as well as to reduce negative affects such as depressive mood, fear and panic and to alleviate existing sleep disorders, according to the hospital. In addition, the patient’s self-esteem should be improved and balance and equilibrium should be achieved – in order to ultimately get a better quality of life again.

The post-Covid outpatient clinic is located in House 4 of the Saxon Hospital Altscherbitz in Schkeuditz. Office hours are every Thursday from 1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. An appointment can be made by telephone on 034204 874030.

From Linda Polenz

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PostCovid ambulance opens Schkeuditz


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