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Pregnant Jessica Paszka shows the baby room for her little daughter


Jessica Paszka is slowly starting to build a nest

Well, now Jessica Paszka’s baby bump clearly shows that her little daughter won’t be too long in coming. So it’s no wonder that soon-to-be mom Jessica is slowly starting to prepare the nest for her baby! Papa-in-spe Johannes Haller had to make a sacrifice for the offspring. His former dressing room is now being transformed into a baby paradise. Jessica reveals in the video what plans the two have for the nursery.

There are some unpleasant side effects in your pregnancy

But as the pregnancy progresses, it’s not just Jessi’s nest-building instinct that gets through more and more. There are also negative aspects triggered by the fluctuating hormones. “I would never have thought that the hormones would have you so under control,” she tells the fans in her Insta story. “I really have all my eyelashes falling out, I have almost no more eyelashes!” And not only around the eyes, but also on the head, says Jessica: “I’ve never had so many gaps in my hair!” Certainly a strange feeling for the pregnant woman, but probably nothing extraordinary. Many women complain of hormone-related hair loss even after pregnancy.

In the video: Johannes Haller and Jessica Paszka announce the baby gender

Gradually everything is being prepared for the arrival of your baby

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Pregnant Jessica Paszka shows baby room daughter


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