Pretty tight string! Ashley Graham shares hot pic


She just loves to show what she has to offer! Model Ashley Graham (33) has been in absolute mum happiness for over a year. Despite her new mother role, the beauty has not exactly become more cautious with her network posts – the US-American still shows her lascivious side more often. So again just a few days ago: Ashley presented herself to her community in a pretty tight thong!

At the beginning of the week, the 33-year-old almost dropped all covers – namely, she published a picture in hers InstagramStory that she only shows with an extremely skimpy thong and a crop top. Her funny, cross-eyed look should obviously tell her fans one thing very clearly: She doesn’t mind this revealing look at all, because she stands by her body.

A few months ago, Ashley went a step further. Justin Ervin’s wife had completely undressed for a mirror selfie. “Naked, big girl”, she wrote about her snapshot – and her fans had celebrated her for it! “Probably more of a naked, stunning girl,” commented one user.

Ashley Graham, Model
Ashley Graham, Model
Ashley Graham in March 2021

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Pretty tight string Ashley Graham shares hot pic


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