Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan: you are planning a home birth!


Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are expecting their second child soon. The first details about the birth of their daughter have already been announced – and they are surprising!

On February 14, Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (39, nee Meghan Markle) caused worldwide enthusiasm when they announced that they would be parents for the second time. During the explosive interview with talk legend Oprah Winfrey (67) on March 7th, the next surprise followed: The Sussexes proudly told that they were expecting a little girl after their son Archie (1)!

In the big reveal interview, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan not only answered many questions about their lives as royals, but they also raised new questions about their future lives. In the video above, our expert talks about the Sussexes’ titles, future and children.

When asked about the offspring, Prince Harry said in an interview with Oprah: “I am very grateful to have first been blessed with a boy and now with a girl. It couldn’t be better!” The little one should be born in the summer. The first details about the birth have now been revealed, which will surprise even die-hard Royal fans!

Hooray! On February 14th, Harry and Meghan announced that they were expecting offspring again. You can see the pregnancy portrait here:

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Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan: is your daughter born at home?

When little Archie was born on May 6, 2019, the duke couple went their own way. They could do the same with their second child. While Archie – like the baby of Princess Eugenie of York (30) – was born in London’s “The Portland Hospital”, it looks like Harry and Meghan’s second child will be born in America. As the US portal “PageSix” claims to have learned from insider circles, the Sussexes are even planning a home birth.

They would definitely have enough space in their luxury villa in Montecito, California! Surprising: Harry and Meghan also planned a home birth for their son Archie in the British Frogmore Cottage. But since the royal offspring was still a week after the planned due date, Meghan was hospitalized.


Despite royal retreat: with whom you are still in contact

Prinz Harry & Meghan Markle
Despite royal retreat: with whom you are still in contact
There is an ice age between Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan and the royal family. But there are some family members with whom they are still in contact.

Insider: “Beautiful setting to give birth to your girl”

A Royal insider also revealed to “PageSix”: “Meghan’s plan was to give birth to Archie at home, but you know that you can’t plan everything in life perfectly.” The insider added, “In the end, the doctors advised her to go to the hospital. For Meghan, the most important thing was to deliver Archie safely.” However, the hope of giving birth to her daughter within her own four walls still exists. The source said, “She has a beautiful home in California. It’s a beautiful setting to give birth to her baby girl.”

Will your little daughter be born here soon? In the following video you can see how luxurious Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan live in California.

9 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms: your new home is so feudal

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Prince Harry Duchess Meghan planning home birth


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