Prince Harry: Two new jobs in one week! Does the royal family like that?


Open words, harsh criticism, bitter allegations – Prince Harry (36) did not hold back in the big reveal interview with Oprah Winfrey (67). Much to the annoyance of the British royal family, who not only reacted disappointed and angry to the allegations, but have since made every effort to restore their reputation. But that shouldn’t worry the husband of Duchess Meghan (39, née Meghan Markle). Because the soon-to-be father of two seems to have almost finished his old life and is ready to break new ground. Also professionally! After it became known on Tuesday (March 23) that the British prince is now hiring in Silicon Valley, he has landed another mega job.

First recordings after the Oprah interview: Here a tense Prince Harry is cycling through his new home. The pictures are in the video above.

Because of unpopular: Prince Harry is in great demand and in great demand

“Prince Harry is joining the Aspen Institute’s new information disruption commission as a commissioner,” says the company’s Twitter page, which the 36-year-old will support with his skills and knowledge in the future. So he will join an initiative by American company Aspen Digital that aims to “identify and prioritize the most critical sources and causes of information disruption and deliver a range of short-term actions and longer-term goals for the government, the private sector and the To help civil society respond to this modern belief crisis in key institutions. ”

Here you can see the announcement on the website of the Aspen Institute.

What makes the British prince so perfect for this job? Of course, his new colleagues on Twitter explain that too. Prince Harry is described in the following words: “Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is a philanthropist, a military veteran, an advocate for spiritual wellbeing and an environmentalist. As a co-founder of Archewell, his focus is on raising awareness for the causes of urgent challenges, including in the entire online world. ”

Heart project: Meghan Markle’s husband can no longer be dictated to

After retiring from the royal ranks, Prince Harry can finally do what he wants. And he is enjoying that very much, it seems. Because he doesn’t just want to prove himself in one job in the future. Also at “Better Up”, a coaching company for mental health, he will provide a breath of fresh air as “Chief Impact Officer” and further promote the app through product strategy and public interest representation. And that should be very close to Harry’s heart. Especially when you consider that his pregnant wife also spoke to Oprah about her mental problems and her suicidal thoughts.

Alexi Robichaux, the head of the company, which is headquartered in San Francisco, is definitely looking forward to working with Prince Harry, or Harry, as he would rather be called. “We’re all partners here. He wants to be called Harry at work. So let’s just talk to him as Harry.” The 36-year-old can do without his prince title. He probably only has an indirect influence on what the 36-year-old will earn on “Better Up”. Because even if Harry’s new boss didn’t want to give any figures, the British newspaper “Daily Mail” found out that other employees of equal value get a six- or even seven-figure annual salary. Not a bad salary! Especially when you consider that Duchess Meghan and her lover can no longer fall back on the resources of Queen Elizabeth II (94) and the royal family, but have to make a living themselves.

Confusion about their wedding day: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s wedding certificate reveals the truth. All the details are in the video below.

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