“Profile”: Cathedral pastor Faber on the prohibition of blessings for homosexuals: “Not with me”


“Do not know how this letter was able to obtain papal approbation.” “Greatest possible damage to the church”

Vienna (OTS) In an interview with the news magazine “profil”, the Viennese cathedral pastor Toni Faber strongly criticized the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. She had declared that Catholic priests were not allowed to bless homosexual couples. Faber: “If I had the task of causing the greatest possible damage to the Church with two pages of text, then I would write a letter just like the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has now written.” brings such a topic into discussion before Easter. I do not know how this letter was able to obtain papal approbation. Perhaps it was simply hyped on Pope Francis. “

He himself will not refuse his blessing to same-sex loving couples, explains the cathedral priest: “If mother church demands that I send home everyone who loves homosexuals, then I have to say: Not with me.”

The conversation with Faber will appear in the upcoming issue of “profil”, which also dedicates its cover story to the debate about the blessing of homosexual couples.

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Profile Cathedral pastor Faber prohibition blessings homosexuals


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