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It doesn’t often happen that a vote in the US House of Representatives is brought forward abruptly. Actually it should have been about the police legislation on Thursday, March 4th. But the meeting was canceled and the vote took place on Wednesday.

The reason for this unusual measure were indications that extremists were planning another attack on the US Capitol on March 4. The Capitol Police said there was intelligence that pointed to a “possible plan” by an unspecified militia. Be aware of the danger – and be prepared. The number of security guards was increased and barriers were erected.

A storm on the Capitol? Again, after what happened on January 6th? In view of the security precautions, it seems very unlikely that this will happen. The new measures serve primarily as a deterrent signal to violent Trump supporters. No demonstrations are expected in Washington either.

January 6th is still very present in the US capital. Supporters of then President Donald Trump, incited by himself, stormed the Capitol during a session of Congress and wreaked havoc and chaos there. At least five people were killed, including a police officer. The Capitol Police were unprepared for the attack, a disaster for the security forces and political Washington.

Department of Homeland Security: Violence will increase

Therefore, the caution is particularly great right now. The threat posed by conspirators and far-right anti-government groups is now being taken seriously. FBI chief Christopher Wray had warned in Congress just a few days ago that right-wing extremist ideas were spreading more and more in the United States, and that they were a growing threat. The Department of Homeland Security believes that violence could increase this year.

The security authorities observed the situation on March 4 particularly intensively. The date has been circulating for weeks in conspiratorial circles, in chat groups at services such as Telegram or Parler. The day plays an important role not only, but especially for followers of QAnon, a conspiracy cult whose followers have stylized Donald Trump as a central redeemer figure.

On March 4th, so the assumption of many QAnon believers, Trump would take over power again. For them, Joe Biden is not the legitimate president of the United States. The fantasy is mainly fed by the fact that until 1933 the inauguration, the swearing-in of the US President, took place on March 4th after an election.

There is now a complex web of conspiracy myths that revolve around this day, similar to January 20th, which has celebrated the inauguration for almost 80 years. Many extremist Trump supporters originally set their hopes on this day. Many believed Trump would not leave the White House on Inauguration Day 2021, believed he would impose martial law, arrest all Democrats. What happened instead: Joe Biden swore the oath of office at twelve noon on the steps of the Capitol and replaced Trump in the White House. The ex-president had left for Florida that morning.

For QAnon followers who believe the United States is ruled by a clique of devil-worshiping pedophiles, an important part of their imagined world has collapsed. It was even speculated that the conspiracy belief was over. Other radical groups like the far right Proud Boys tried to recruit disappointed QAnon supporters.

In fact, the frustration was great, some sobered turned away from the QAnon madness. But conspiracy myths thrive on their adaptability. And so some, not all, identified March 4th as the new date for Messiah Trump to return. That will not happen. But the danger emanating from such delusional madness is real.

And the explanation for why Trump won’t come back is already there. The March 4th conspiracy was invented by the media to split QAnon.

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