Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon Sound


Qualcomm has introduced Snapdragon Sound. This means a special combination of hardware. The term is intended to span a range of technologies that can provide an improved audio experience on mobile devices and other products with Snapdragon hardware. The aim is to offer the same sound quality via wireless transmission as with cable connections.

Snapdragon Sound works in tandem with the company’s current SoCs and corresponding headphones with Bluetooth and support for codecs such as aptX Adaptive. The aim is playback with up to 24-bit and 96 kHz. The development also focused on stable connections and low latencies as well as high energy efficiency.

Qualcomm components are not only used in many smartphones, but also in headphones from various manufacturers. However, to be honest, Snapdragon Sound is also about a marketing offensive. The logo that can be seen in the article image should be emblazoned on headphones, which enable a high-quality audio experience via Qualcomm’s chain. Current devices are unfortunately not upgraded with an update, but the first products from z. N. Xiaomi and Audio-Technica appear, who support Snapdragon Sound and will advertise with the logo.

Above you see what Qualcomm has in store for them. Essentially, Snapdragon Sound aims to provide better sound, more intelligible phone calls and lower latencies for gaming and videos. They also teamed up directly with Amazon, who set a Snapdragon sound playlist on Amazon Music in order to make the quality verifiable for you as soon as you have the right technology. The following components are key to making Snapdragon Sound run optimally:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-Series-SoC
  • Qualcomm FastConnect 6900
  • Qualcomm QCC514x, QCC515x und QCC3056 Bluetooth Audio SoCs
  • Qualcomm Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
  • Qualcomm aptX Adaptive, 24-bit 96 kHz and 89 ms latency
  • Qualcomm aptX Voice super wideband voice
  • Qualcomm Aqstic Audio Codec and Smart Speaker Amplifiers WCD938x and WSA883x
  • Qualcomm Audio und Voice Communication Suite

Qualcomm will then also certify the relevant devices. Of course, everything is also a good trick, not only to offer customers and partners added value, but also to bring your own name to the fore. According to Qualcomm, the first devices that support Snapdragon Sound should come onto the market later this year. The label for Snapdragon Sound will soon be emblazoned on smartphones, headphones, PCs, VR glasses and Co. to inform you about the compatibility.

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Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon Sound


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