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It’s gonna be another weather roller coaster! Storm at the weekend, spring again during the week and at Easter everything is still possible in terms of weather.

The good news first: there is hardly any night frost. During the day, the weather is mostly sunny. So spring is slowly gaining momentum. But on Saturday it initially storms violently over Berlin and Brandenburg.

Because after a friendly Friday with maximum values ​​of up to 16 degrees, Saturday will also be significantly colder with around 10 degrees. “On Saturday, Deep Quasimodo hit us with a cold front. That means squalls, rain showers and sleet thunderstorms. Nobody thinks of spring, ”explains graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the Q.met weather service to BILD.

On Saturday, showers, thunderstorms and sleet showers can occur from noon. In addition, there are stormy gusts between 55 and 65 km / h in the morning. In the afternoon these gusts of wind can increase to 75 km / h (Bft 9), in the south of Brandenburg up to 85 km / h.

In the night of Sunday the temperatures drop to 3 to -1 degrees, near the ground a slight frost to -4 degrees. Climatologist Dr. Karsten Brandt from Donnerwetter.de to BILD: “It’s not a drama, but it is definitely a temperature shock.”

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Graduate meteorologist Jürgen Schmidt from WetterKontor to BILD: “On Sunday there will be new rain due to Tief Rama in the north, but further south it will be more and more friendly. In the southwest already up to 17 degrees. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday then almost everywhere friendlier and spring-like warm. Tuesday in the southwest and west even 25 degrees not excluded. ”

From Wednesday it will be colder again, with at least Wednesday being sunny and warm south of the low mountain range. And graduate meteorologist Schmidt says: “Maundy Thursday it will be significantly colder in the north and over the Easter holidays everywhere and there will probably be snow and sleet showers all the way down again. As of today. ”

On February 21, snowdrops grow on a green strip in front of the Holy Cross Church (Photo: Christophe Gateau / dpa)
Spring-like Easter? The prospects are not particularly good … (Photo: Christophe Gateau / dpa)

Weather expert Brandt oracles to BILD: “At Easter we get a surprise weather egg for free with totally uncertain prospects of snow and minus 3 degrees to 20 degrees plus. Let’s see what’s really in there. “

Graduate meteorologist Andreas Friedrich from the German Weather Service (DWD), on the other hand, has little hope of bright spring weather at Easter. The DWD expert on BILD: “It can be said that all the forecast models considered simulate an ingress of cold air at Easter, but the details such as the extent and amount of precipitation or its spatial classification have not yet been conclusively clarified.”

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Quasimodo brings storms thunderstorms Saturday weather roller coaster Easter Berlin


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