“Racist”: Biden condemns voting restrictions in Georgia


The restrictive suffrage passed by the US state of Georgia is an example of modern racism, according to President Joe Biden. “This has to stop. We have a moral and constitutional obligation to act,” said Biden in Washington on Friday. The Democrat called on the Congress to adopt reforms that had recently been launched, which would make it much easier to vote nationwide.

Addressing the Republicans who pushed the Georgia law through, he said, “When you have the best ideas, you’ve got nothing to hide. Let the people choose.” The electoral law passed on Thursday in the southern state makes it difficult to vote by postal vote and in some cases shortens the opening times of the polling stations. It also gives the local parliament more powers to intervene in the course of an election. It will also be forbidden for third parties to speak to voters standing in line – even offering them water or food will be a crime in the future.

Biden: “Number of polling stations in black quarters reduced”

Biden said the Republicans created the long lines themselves by reducing the number of polling stations, “disproportionately in black quarters”. Biden called the law an “outright attack on the constitution”. Referring to the racist Jim Crow laws that repressed blacks in the US until the 1960s, Biden said, “This is Jim Crow in the 21st century.” On Thursday he had already described the law and similar projects in other states as “sick”.

Biden had won the traditionally republican state of Georgia in November with a very high turnout by only a few thousand votes. Critics argue that the Republicans wanted to lower the turnout of blacks and other minorities because they were more likely to vote for the Democrats. Republicans argue it is about making the elections safer.


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Racist Biden condemns voting restrictions Georgia


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