“Rainbow Six Quarantine”: Leak shows an hour of gameplay


Updated March 22, 2021, 3:04 p.m.

  • For a long time there was no new information about “Rainbow Six Quarantine”.
  • But now a leak has surfaced about the game.
  • This shows the Ubisoft title as a kind of “Left 4 Dead” with aliens.

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In 2019 Ubisoft announced “Rainbow Six Quarantine”. But since then, the development studio has been extremely covered when it comes to the title. Not even the name of the game has been definitely decided yet. Because as the developers have indicated, the shooter should be renamed again due to the corona pandemic.

For the first time, curious fans have had the opportunity to see tangible scenes from the game. However, not from the official side, but through a leak.

The user “M3ga.m007.gaming” has published an hour-long gameplay video for the co-op shooter on Facebook. As he wrote, he was invited by Ubisoft to a technical test of the new “Rainbow Six” game.

Does the leak show real game scenes?

It seems that the recordings are actually scenes from the game by Ubisoft. This is particularly indicated by the graphics, which are strongly reminiscent of “Rainbow Six: Siege”. In addition, the graphic details and the gameplay shown seem too complex to be just a mod or a joke.

The comments on the video also speak for its authenticity. This is because other people who say they have also taken part in the test speak up. These indirectly confirm that the material is genuine and refer the uploader to the fact that it was not actually intended for publication.

“You can be dragged in court for this,” writes one of the users, for example. Because “M3ga.m007.gaming” has apparently violated the confidentiality agreement with Ubisoft, we will not link or show the corresponding video here.

It can also be doubted that it will stay online for a long time. After all, Ubisoft should have heard of the leak by now and are doing everything in their power to get the scenes from the unfinished game back online.

How does the new “Rainbow Six” play?

On the one hand, the published video shows the possible new name of the game. The title is referred to as “Rainbow Six Parasite”. Even before the leak, rumors about this name were circulating on the Internet. Ubisoft had emphasized, however, that “Parasite” has so far only been the working title for the project.

The video also apparently shows the introductory scenes in the game, in which the basic game mechanics are explained in a tutorial. The gameplay focuses on PvE, the battle of the players against computer-controlled units.

‘Before the start of a round, the player selects one of several operators already known from “Rainbow Six: Siege”. A total of six of them can be seen in the video: Alibi, Ela, Finka, Lion, Tachanka and Vigil. Each operator has different skills.

Once the player has decided on a character, he and up to three other players take to the field against the “Archeans”. These are aliens that appear in different variants. For example, some have blades instead of arms.

The missions shown in the video are all divided into different areas and separated from each other by air locks. The players collect information and tissue samples from the aliens within these areas. If you have collected enough data, you can leave the mission area.

In addition, there is a nest of aliens in each level, from which, if the players are not careful, more opponents emerge. If an operator is overwhelmed by the aliens, he is brought to a kind of Archean tree and has to be rescued by his colleagues.

Overall, the gameplay shown is very reminiscent of “Left 4 Dead”. The leaked video also shows that the game version still contains some placeholders and is far from the release. Ubisoft has also not yet announced an expected release date. (thp / ch)

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Rainbow Quarantine Leak shows hour gameplay


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