Raser convicted of murder in Germany


That was decided by the Munich I Regional Court on Tuesday. In addition, the defendant was ordered to be placed in a rehab facility.
The presiding judge Elisabeth Ehrl spoke of a tragic evening, traumatic experiences and “seconds or tenths of a second that decided between life and death”. The defendant accepted the verdict motionless and with downcast eyes.
The German from the Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district raced through Munich on November 15, 2019 shortly before midnight on the run from a police checkpoint. He is said to have fled because he was under the influence of drugs, violated probation and was afraid of going to jail.
According to the investigators, he ignored several red lights and recorded – according to the public prosecutor’s office, with more than 120 kilometers per hour – two 14 and 16 year old youngsters who were crossing the street. The 14-year-old died, the 16-year-old was seriously injured.
The public prosecutor’s office accuses the defendant of murder and several attempted murders. “The fact that the vehicle he was driving could kill an unpredictable number of people with his driving style, he accepted approvingly,” said the prosecutor as the indictment was read out.
The defense had criticized this murder charge at the beginning of the trial. From her point of view, only a conviction of her client for an illegal car race resulting in death should come into question. The maximum sentence would be ten years.

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Raser convicted murder Germany


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