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The real-life film Mulan cost just under 22 euros in rental fee on Disney Plus when it made its debut in October 2020. However, viewers had to pay twice to see the film, as Disney Plus had to pay for a subscription. Mulan has only been available as a regular, paid membership from the Disney Plus streaming service since December. Disney is now repeating this procedure with the fantasy film Raya and the Last Dragon, which can now be borrowed digitally from Disney Plus for 22 euros. In addition, a subscription from Disney Plus is required, which costs nine euros a month.

Starting in June, Raya and the Last Dragon will be available to all Disney Plus subscribers

Raya and the Last Dragon will only be included in the regular subscription to Disney Plus from June 4, 2021 and will not require so-called VIP access from this point on. There are currently no plans to offer the animated film outside of Disney Plus. The film is about the warrior Raya, who goes in search of the last dragon. Eventually the previous harmony between humans and dragons is disrupted when the land of Kumandra is plagued by a dark force.

As part of the presentation of the Star category, which has been available in Disney Plus since the end of February, the group announced that, depending on the country, they not only want to offer new content in their own video streaming service, but also publish DVDs and Blu-rays or wants to bring some films to the cinema. However, the media group makes this dependent, among other things, on the behavior of the viewers in the respective country. So Disney keeps all possible options open. Some Disney films do not require VIP access. Artemis Fowl, The One and Only Ivan and Soul are available directly to all Disney Plus subscribers at no extra cost.

Is it worthwhile to rent films digitally?

Some film studios, on the other hand, have decided to first sell new films via digital stores and – if at all – only publish them as DVD or Blu-ray editions with a delay. For example, the film studio Universal Pictures and Warner, which belongs to the Sky owner Comcast, only offer many films in this country as video streams and are currently foregoing disc output. This worked well for the animated film “Trolls World Tour”, for example, as reported by the New York Times. The second part generated more sales in the three weeks after the digital release than the first Trolls part in US theaters in five months. In times of the global coronavirus pandemic and closed cinemas, digital film rentals seem to be establishing themselves as a lucrative financing model. After all, the film studio can earn more money with a digital rental than with a cinema ticket, for which the film studio in the USA only receives around 50 percent of the ticket price. However, the customer has only bought a right of use for a digitally rented or purchased film.

The Warner Bros. film Wonder Woman 1984 has been shown exclusively on Sky since February 18, prior to its theatrical release. Sky Deutschland does not charge a surcharge. All you need is the Sky Ticket Entertainment & Cinema, which can be canceled monthly and costs 14 euros per month. Sky Ticket can now also be used via Amazon Fire TV devices. Alternatively, users with a Sky-Q TV receiver can also watch the film via the Sky Cinema package.

Raya and the Last Dragon: Superbowl-Trailer zum Disney-Film

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Collection for the film Raya and the Last Dragon and the streaming service Disney Plus:

  • Disney is now offering the fantasy film Raya and the Last Dragon for digital rental to Disney Plus subscribers.
  • If you want to see Raya and the Last Dragon, you have to pay 22 euros rental fee plus the monthly price of nine euros for Disney Plus.
  • The animated film will not be available to all Disney Plus subscribers until June 4, 2021 at no extra cost.

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Sources: Golem, Disney, Sky, New York Times

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