Razer announces ‘Anzu’ smart glasses


Razer announces the Razer Anzu smart glasses, the company’s first eyewear product. Razer Anzu combines lens protection with a blue light filter (35%), UVA / UVB protective polarized sunglasses lenses (99%), touch controls and open-ear audio into a unique wearable. Razer Anzu expands the work-from-home experience and is ideally suited for digital entertainment and outdoor activities where the user shines with a stylish appearance.

The wireless open-ear sound and the use of Razer’s low-latency Bluetooth technology provide users with greater immersion and convenience for work and gaming. A light weight of less than 48 g and an ergonomic design ensure a comfortable fit, especially for work-from-home sessions. Razer Anzu is available on Razer.com in fashionable rectangular and round frame designs, each in two sizes with subtle branding, which adorn the durable and flexible frame hinges and can be easily stowed away.

“The Razer Anzu brings the wearable category into the modern age in terms of comfort, blue light and UV protection. With Anzu, Razer is entering the market at a time when many people work from home and eye protection, voice communication and smart features are more important than they are ever are. ”

John Moore, Head of Sales and Marketing bei Razer

Protect your eyes with style

At work or with entertainment content, users spend countless hours in front of mobile devices, laptops and computer displays where the eyes are exposed to blue light. Razer Anzu is an all-in-one solution to filter out harmful light from digital devices and the sun and add an important protective element to stylish smart glasses. Anzu offers 35 percent blue light filter lenses to protect against screen glare and to prevent eye strain, so that the eyes always feel fresh and stay focused during work or entertainment content. The polarized lenses included in the scope of delivery protect the eyes from 99% of UVA / UVB rays during outdoor activities.


Razer is excited to partner with Lensabl. Razer Anzu buyers receive a 15% discount on medically necessary corrective lenses. Lensabl is the central online shop for all eye care products and offers a first-class lens replacement service. Customers can buy their prescribed visual aids using a PC or smartphone at www.lensabl.com, reorder them or browse the range for other products.

Modern and discreet glasses with low latency and open-ear audio

The bespoke Bluetooth 5.1 connection offers industry-leading 60 ms latency for rich, lag-free sound that keeps the user active without interruptions from audio delays or jumps. The discreet, omnidirectional microphone and loudspeaker built into the Anzu frame are barely perceptible and offer convenient voice communication.

With more than five hours of battery life, the Razer Anzu is designed for a full day of work or gaming sessions. When it is folded up and not in use, the Anzu switches to stand-by mode – for a service life of almost two weeks before it has to be recharged.

Smart functions

Thanks to convenient and intuitive smart controls, a touch interface on the side of the Anzu frame allows you to jump to the next music track, play or pause media, manage conference calls and activate the smartphone’s voice assistant. EQ adjustments (standard, improved clarity or triple boost), latency settings, battery capacity and firmware updates can be accessed via the user-friendly Android or iOS app.

The Razer Anzu is available in various sizes and shapes and has a waterproof IPX4 design to protect against splashing water, so workouts, an unfortunate spill of liquids or the elements are no problem. The scope of delivery includes 35 percent blue light filter lenses pre-installed ex works, 99 percent UVA / UVB protective polarized sunglasses replacement lenses, a USB-A charging cable, a cleaning cloth and a carrying case to store the frame and additional lenses.

Product information


35% blue light filter
99% UVA / UVB polarized sunglasses


  • Driver: 16 mm
  • Ungefähres Gewicht: 43-48 g (43g Sm Rec, 44g Sm Rnd, 46 Lg Rec, 48 Lg Rnd)


  • Pickup Pattern: Omnidirectional

Touch controls

  • Music controls: play, pause, skip, back
  • Call control: accept, reject, switch, end
  • General: switch on, activate gaming mode and virtual smartphone assistant

battery pack

  • More than 5 hours (can vary depending on usage)


  • Devices with Bluetooth audio functionality
  • Smartphone application available for Android and iOS devices


Razer Anzu: 209,99 Euro (UVP)
Razer Anzu Replacement Sunglasses Lenses: 34,99 Euro (UVP)

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Razer announces Anzu smart glasses


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