Razer is now selling reusable drinking straws


of Soeren Diedrich
It gets strange, even if the thematic background is quite serious: In addition to keyboards, mice and other peripherals, Razer now also sells drinking straws through its online shop in the USA – of course in a stylish look, made of stainless steel. At the price of the equivalent of 25 euros, you get a well thought-out overall package.

We recently reported about Razer’s planned RGB breathing mask, which will even clean itself. What at first sounded like a joke should be taken seriously, according to CEO Min-Liang-Tan. But if you think that the manufacturer, who is actually known for keyboards, mice and other peripherals, is running out of unconventional – one could also say creative – ideas for further additions to the in-house portfolio, you are mistaken. Because now one has started to bring drinking straws to the gaming people.

Noble drinking straw with a serious background

If you think that the author of these lines can no longer even read the calendar, you can click on this link to convince yourself that this is not a PCGH April Fool’s joke. Because in the US online shop of Razer you can purchase the reusable drinking straw for the equivalent of 25 euros. The utensil is made of 304 stainless steel and has a silicone attachment on the tip, which is made of recycled material and should make drinking more pleasant.

A brush is also included for cleaning the straw, and both can finally be stowed in a small case, which is also made of silicone. In terms of color, the whole package is of course in the Razer colors black and green. Whether the drinking straw will find its way officially to Europe at some point probably depends on the sales figures. Because as amusing as this new addition to the group may be at first glance, Razer emphasizes that the action has a serious background.

Because with the appeal “Fight for our environment” one makes it clear that the environmental idea is leading in the whole action. Because so far everyone knows the plastic drinking straws – and unfortunately they are usually thrown somewhere where it is convenient. In the end, the stuff ends up in the oceans, where drinking straws are one of the most common types of waste found.

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Razer selling reusable drinking straws


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