Razer: Smart breathing mask goes into production


The Project Hazel breathing mask, originally designed as a concept study, is now going into production at Razer.

In mid-January, peripheral manufacturer Razer presented Project Hazel, a concept study of a smart breathing mask for the global corona pandemic. However, it should not stop at the concept study, because the gadget should now actually be produced.

“We thought it was a concept project that could be relevant in times of corona vaccination”

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said in an interview with Yahoo Finance this week.

“We are now making the Smart Mask a reality and delivering it”

, so Tan.

The smart N95 breathing mask from Razer was presented in January as part of the digital CES 2021. With what was then called Project Hazel, Razer wanted to eradicate the problems that everyday fabric masks bring with them. These are unreliable when filtering aerosols, dampen the sound of the voice and make it impossible for people with hearing impairments to read from their lips. For this reason the N95 is made of plastic. That makes them washable and more sustainable than cloth or disposable masks. The transparent faceplate also does not hide the wearer’s face. The integrated Voiceamp technology from Razer, together with microphones, are intended to amplify the voice of the user and make conversations more pleasant and clearer.

The smart breathing mask also has replaceable air filters and RBG lighting that is supposed to illuminate the face in the dark. The mask is available in light gray and black for fashion-conscious users. In order to actually start production, Razer needs approvals from the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the USA.

“Project Hazel is becoming a reality. We are putting the concept into action and I think we will all – unfortunately – have to wear masks for a very long time”

, so Tan. In view of the fact that a quarter of the population in the USA has already received the first corona vaccination, this claim is questionable. It remains to be seen how quickly Razer can start production with the necessary permits and whether delivery of the masks will still make sense in the USA at the end of the year. The company is also currently keeping a low profile on how much the smart breathing masks should cost.

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Razer Smart breathing mask production


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