Recall Eifel-Quelle Classic: Mineral water can contain glass


Cologne –

Attention consumers: Eifel-Quelle GmbH is recalling its popular Eifel Quelle Classic mineral water. The reason: There could be glass residues in individual bottles.

  • Particularly popular mineral water in the Rhineland recalled
  • There could be glass residues in the water from Eifel-Quelle GmbH
  • Consumption could lead to serious injury

The mineral water from the Eifel spring is particularly popular in the Rhineland and can be found in almost every supermarket. According to the consumer portal, the company is now warning of glass fragments or glass grit in individual bottles of their classic variety.

Recall: Glass in the Eifel mineral water can lead to serious injuries

Affected by the recall …

  • Eifel-Quelle Classic mineral water
  • Contents: 0.75 liter glass bottle
  • Best before dates February 9, 2024 (1:00 p.m.) to February 9, 2024 (4:40 p.m.)

Consumers who have one or more of the said bottles at home should definitely stop using them and exchange them at their retailer.

The product concerned is the Eifel-Quelle Classic mineral water. There may be glass residues in it.

Foreign bodies such as glass residues could lead to serious injuries in the mouth and throat as well as internal injuries or bleeding. (nb)

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Recall EifelQuelle Classic Mineral water glass


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