Recall of spices: NRW manufacturer warns of dangerous sexual enhancers


Recall: spice paste contains prescription-only active ingredient. (Symbol image)

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A manufacturer from North Rhine-Westphalia warns against a spice mixture. A prescription drug against erectile dysfunction has been proven in the product.

Witten – A manufacturer from Witten is currently warning about the portal of the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety and the federal states in front of one of its products. A prescription drug for erectile dysfunction was found in the spice paste from Themra. There is an acute health risk when consumed.

Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety Higher federal authority
head office Braunschweig, Lower Saxony
founding 2002

Recall of spice mixture: Product from North Rhine-Westphalia contains a prescription-only active ingredient

The public recall states that the product contains the prescription-only active ingredient “Sildenafil” in a “pharmacologically effective amount”. In addition, it would also contain the ingredient “Epimedium”, which is not approved for use in food.

Both Sildenafil and Epimedium are used as agents against erectile dysfunction. The manufacturer urgently warns against consuming the product (more recalls and warnings on

Prescription sexual enhancer in food – stroke and heart attack possible

Because, the recall goes on to say, when consuming the product, “severe undesirable effects such as B. Stroke, heart attack occur. ”According to information from Orient Lebensmittel GmbH from Witten, it has meanwhile been taken out of the market.

Themra products are also sold on Amazon. They are also available in various smaller online shops.

Video recall in Germany: Are the manufacturers really that sloppy?

Recall of spice paste due to acute health hazard: This product is affected

The product affected by the recall is a Turkish honey / sugar-based spice paste. The macun paste is traditionally used especially at the beginning of spring. These are the product data:

  • Epimedium Herbal Mix Paste-Paste
  • Company: Themra
  • Distributor: Orient Lebensmittel GmbH / Witten
Recalled because of ingredients that are hazardous to health: Macun paste from Themra

© Orient Food GmbH

Customers are asked not to use the paste under any circumstances. The purchase price will of course be reimbursed.

Recall due to health risk: Consumers have these rights

If a product poses a safety risk, the manufacturer has an obligation to either warn the buyer or to request that the goods be returned. It happens again and again. For example, frozen products at Aldi, Netto and Edeka were recently recalled due to salmonella. In the event of such a recall, consumers are always entitled to a refund.

And not only then: like that Consumer advice center explains, you should also contact the seller within the two-year warranty period if a product shows defects, regardless of a recall campaign. In serious cases, the responsible state authority at the manufacturer’s place of business should also be informed.

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Recall spices NRW manufacturer warns dangerous sexual enhancers


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