“Refusal to work”: Ex-colleague accuses Dieter Bohlen of lack of professionalism after leaving the company prematurely


After Dieter Bohlen broke up with a spontaneous sick leave before the “DSDS” final shows, there was criticism from a former jury colleague.

Update from March 25th, 5 p.m .: Ex-juror and producer colleague Thomas Stein has now spoken out about Dieter Bohlen’s premature exit from “DSDS” – he has little left for the behavior of Pop-Titan. In the video interview with the IMAGE Stein, who sat next to Bohlen in the jury in the first and second season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, made a very clear accusation live: “If I were an employer now, I would say that is refusal to work and would put my lawyer on it”, so stone.

The quarrel between Bohlen and the broadcaster is not really surprising: “In the end, it’s a creeping process that has been on the horizon for a long time. Unfortunately it is a shame that it has now escalated like this ”. The music producer expected more professionalism from Bohlen. Stein suspects that the quick exit could not only be a problem for the broadcaster: the pop titan had “rammed a slate into himself that he couldn’t get out.”

“DSDS” – From Dieter Bohlen with sick leave: “Doesn’t show great professionalism”

As a long-time companion of Bohlen, Stein appreciates that the pop titan’s pride is likely to be affected by RTL’s decision: “Dieter’s ego is of course stronger than others, and that will of course nibble on him,” he explains towards the IMAGE, “And he’ll have to lick a few wounds” – nevertheless he would find Bohlen’s reaction a shame. In conclusion, he therefore emphasizes once again: “That does not show great professionalism.”

Dieter Bohlen’s DSDS end comes even earlier than planned – the chief juror cancels final shows

First report from March 25th, 9:36 a.m .: Cologne – It’s not going to be quiet about the pop titan: After it became known that Dieter Bohlen will not sit behind the jury panel either on the RTL casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” or on “Das Supertalent” from next season its end now even earlier than expected. Because at the live shows of DSDS on Saturday (March 27th) and the grand finale on Saturday (April 3rd) he will no longer be there.

DSDS (RTL): Dieter-Bohlen will not be at the live shows

Because as RTL announced, Maite Kelly and Mike Singer will contest the last two episodes of the current season without their chief juror. This had to be canceled “due to illness at short notice”, one reads in the station’s statement. “We very much regret Dieter’s cancellation due to illness and wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. The nine finalists now have to sing for victory without Dieter’s company, ”said RTL entertainment director Kai Sturm. How nordbuzz.de reports, Bohlen’s decision is said to have been very spontaneous *.

However, there is great confidence in the other two jurors, because Sturm is convinced that they are well prepared. “Maite and Mike have done a very good job so far and will also do the live shows on their own,” Sturm continued. Nevertheless, the possibility should be examined whether a third juror could step in for planks.

DSDS (RTL): Semi-finals and finals take place without Dieter Bohlen

It remains to be seen whether they will get support or do the final shows on their own. At least you should be able to rely on moderator Oliver Geissen. From 2022 onwards, after 20 years, the format will do without the expertise and one or the other nasty saying from Bohlen. (jbr) * tz.de and nordbuzz.de are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA

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Refusal work Excolleague accuses Dieter Bohlen lack professionalism leaving company prematurely


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