Release supposedly already planned for the end of 2021


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Bethesda has yet to reveal next to nothing about their next big release, Starfield, which should only fuel the tension. According to a journalist, the studio is planning the release of the SciFi adventure for the end of 2021 – should the corona pandemic not thwart the project.

Is Bethesda’s Starfield coming out later this year? According to journalist Jeff Grubb, Bethesda plans to release the SciFi game in 2021. This means that the studio will keep the usual time between the release of two games. In 2018, Bethesda’s Pete Hines and Matt Firor confirmed that Bethesda would continue to release a game about every three years. After Fallout 76 in 2018, it would be Starfield’s turn this year.

Corona allegedly the only complication

According to Jeff Grubb, there is a 90 percent chance that Bethesda will feature Starfield at E3 this year. Some time later the game could be released. These are currently allegedly the plans for the SciFi spectacle, provided Covid-19 does not throw any further hurdles in the way of the studio.

In February, the insider NateDrake wanted to know that Bethesda would start with Starfield in 2021 plans. So the release this year was the intended goal. The corona pandemic would be the only complication that would stand in the way of these plans. But no one could say at the moment what effects Covid-19 will have on the title.
It would also be exciting to see what impact Microsoft’s takeover of Zenimax Media and Bethesda has on the studios’ further releases. Bethesda’s Todd Howard has spoken of how it would be “hard to imagine” if Starfield was released as an Xbox console exclusive.

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