Renault Kangoo Rapid and Express: van duo


The future Renault base model in the small delivery van class is the new Renault Express. The Kangoo Rapid is also completely new.

The French carmaker Renault will go two ways with its compact vans. Building on the platform of the new Renault Kangoo, the segment will be served by the Kangoo Rapid and the Renault Express. The Express is the absolute basic model, the Kangoo Rapid attracts with more technology and a very special loading feature.

Price-performance counts

But let’s first turn to the Express, which replaces the Dacia Dokker in the French portfolio. The 4.39 meter long new development is aimed specifically at customers looking for the best price-performance ratio. The characteristics of the Express are a loading volume of 3.3 to 3.7 cubic meters and a loading length of 1.91 to 2.36 meters. This is made possible by an optional rotating partition and a foldable and removable passenger seat. The payload is between 625 (diesel) and 700 kilograms (petrol). The load compartment floor is equipped with six rotatable lashing eyes to secure the load.

There is also the 71.6 centimeter wide sliding door, an asymmetrically divided rear door, almost 48 liters of storage space in the interior. A petrol engine and two diesel units are available as drives in Europe.

Very simple equipment and three engines


Functional cockpit in craftsman chic.

In the interior, Renault pairs synthetic leather seat covers with three possible multimedia systems that also integrate smartphones. The latter can also be supplied with electricity in an inductive charging cradle. Three USB interfaces and two 12-volt sockets, one of which is in the cargo area, provide additional docking options. An optional rear view camera improves the overview. Anyone who pulls a lot of trailers will be happy about the stability program integrated into the ESP for them. An extended traction control should increase the grip of the front-wheel drive.

The engine range for the Renault Express in Europe includes a 102 hp 1.3-liter turbo gasoline engine and a 1.5-liter turbo diesel, which is offered with 75 and 95 hp. The 75 hp diesel engine is also available in the more consumption-optimized version of the Eco-Leader, which is then limited to 100 km / h. Renault has designed the maintenance intervals to be 30,000 kilometers or two years.

The market launch in Germany is in May 2021. The prices will be announced at a later date.

Kangoo Rapid als noblere Variante

Renault Kangoo Van 2021


Wide loading opening without B-pillar.

The new Renault Kangoo Rapid can be ordered from June. Renault does not mention prices here either. The Kangoo Rapid scores in addition to its higher quality equipment, especially with the extra-wide loading opening (1.45 meters) without B-pillar on the right side – Renault calls this “Open Sesame by Renault”. The Sesame Törchen is exclusively available for the Kangoo Rapid with the standard length (L1) of 4.49 meters, single passenger seat and swiveling Vario partition and will also be offered in the fully electric version from 2022. In terms of safety, the large body opening should not have any disadvantages. Appropriate reinforcements are taking care of this. In addition, there is a foldable inner gallery in the hold for the transport of long objects up to 2.50 meters in length and 30 kilograms in weight.

Two wheelbases available

The new Kangoo Rapid is again available in two lengths. Even the standard version offers 3.3 to 3.9 cubic meters of loading volume and 540 to 740 kilograms of payload. As an alternative to the sheet metal cargo compartment partition, the barred and rotatable Vario partition is available. In addition, the passenger seat can be folded down to extend the loading floor. The long version, which was not yet available at the market launch, has a 86.7 centimeter wide sliding door and a maximum loading length of 3.55 meters. The storage volume is 4.2 to 4.9 cubic meters.

Holds 60 liters of additional storage space and there are shelves in the cockpit. The passenger seat can be replaced by a two-seater bench with an integrated table. Air conditioning increases comfort. Various infotainment solutions are also available for the Kangoo Rapid. The range of assistance systems is significantly higher than that of the Renault Express and is based on car standards.

Five burners and one electric option

As engines for the Kangoo Rapid, three turbo diesel and two turbo gasoline units are available for the market launch. The diesel engines produce 75, 95 or 115 hp from a displacement of 1.5 liters. The 1.3-liter turbo gasoline engines have 102 and 130 hp. All engines only fire the front wheels, and gear changes are made using a manual six-speed gearbox. A seven-speed dual clutch transmission will be submitted later. The Rapid can also be ordered as a consumption-optimized Eco-Leader version. You can choose between the 95-hp diesel and the 130-hp petrol engine. Both are also braked at 100 km / h.

A purely electrically powered variant will be added to the drive portfolio from 2022. A 75 kW electric motor is powered by a 44 kWh lithium-ion battery and allows a range of up to 265 kilometers. The driver can choose from six driving programs. There is also freedom of choice when reloading. With 75 kW charging power, the Kangoo only stands 42 minutes to refuel to 80 percent. If only 22 kW are available, the charging break for a full charge is extended to two hours. Renault mentions 4.5 hours for 11 kW, seven hours for 7.4 kW and 26 hours at a domestic socket.


Nobody needs station wagons.

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Renault will serve the van segment with two models in the future. The Express replaces the Dacia Dokker and comes as an inexpensive entry-level version. The Kangoo Rapid is of a higher quality, offers an extra-wide side loading opening and an electric drive option.

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Renault Kangoo Rapid Express van duo


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