Retail trade – Canton St.Gallen decides against an extension of the shop opening times due to Covid-19



The canton of St.Gallen decides against a Covid-19-related extension of the shop opening times

The canton of St.Gallen has examined the advisability of a temporary, Covid-19-related extension of shop opening times. The aim was to check whether the extension would result in a better distribution of customers in the shops and whether the loss in sales would be attenuated. The examination showed no need for action, writes the canton in a message.

The cantonal economics department has classified limited, longer shop opening times as not very useful.

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(SK/mlb) As part of the Covid-19 Ordinance, the Federal Council has regulated in its requirements for the protection concepts that access to public spaces is to be restricted. This leads to capacity restrictions in retail stores. The head of the Department of Economic Affairs was asked to extend the general shop opening hours on Saturday evenings by one hour, i.e. until 6 p.m. In this way, on the one hand, the flow of visitors could be better distributed and, on the other hand, the loss of sales caused by the closings could be weakened.

The Department of Economic Affairs has examined this possibility and has come to the conclusion that there is no corresponding need for action. The expediency is classified as low and, due to the short-term nature, does not bring any real prospects for the business. The comments received in this regard also show that even the retail trade associations disagree on the benefit of a limited extension of shop opening times.

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Retail trade Canton StGallen decides extension shop opening times due Covid19


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