Retire at 67? Schumacher is not finished yet


The former world-class goalkeeper Toni Schumacher will be 67 years old on Saturday. A New Year’s greeting was the last public expression of the legend of 1. FC Köln. The only thing that made “Tünn” a pensioner was the pandemic.

As Vice-President of 1. FC Köln Toni Schumacher coined the sentence: “I only know one gas, and that is full throttle.” Since his active time as an FC record holder with 422 Bundesliga games for the billy goats, the 67-year-old has lived according to this motto. He didn’t always make friends with it, it made fun wherever he could, but that’s what made life so appealing to him. Since the corona pandemic, however, Schumacher has been living “forced to decelerate”, as he called it “RTL” in his last interview at the end of last year.

The FC only involves Schumacher sporadically

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Schumacher has been living secluded in his house in Cologne-Sürth. Located directly on the Rhine, the “Tünn” became a gardener rather involuntarily. His youngest daughter should have spent a year abroad in England. The fact that she moved back home because of the strict lockdown rules in Great Britain is one of the nicer side effects for the Schumacher family in times of Corona. But beyond that, the same waiting applies to the former goalkeeper as to many other families in Germany.

On the one hand, not an easy task for Schumacher, who is known to be rather impatient. On the other hand, self-discipline was one of the character traits that made him an FC legend. The trained coppersmith has to keep calm, also with regard to his 1. FC Köln. The billy goats are deep in the relegation battle, Schumacher has not been able to follow a single game live in Müngersdorf at home since the outbreak of the pandemic. Before Christmas he visited the residents of the St. Josefsheim in Weiden for the FC Foundation. In addition, there is still nothing to be seen of the involvement of Schumacher, as promised by the new Presidium, since his end as Vice-President.

Schumacher would not accept FC relegation without a word

The 67-year-old has of course still pricked up his ears in the Geißbockheim, not only because of his close ties to managing director Alexander Wehrle. The “old internationals” around Schumacher, Stephan Engels and Karl-Heinz Thielen had shaken up the FC last autumn and met for a clarifying discussion with the board. Since then, it has also become quiet about the grandees of the once great FC. It was agreed to stand together until the end of the season and wait for the club to develop in sport. But anyone who knows Schumacher knows that he would not accept another relegation without a word. Not after he left office in disagreement.

One wish is not fulfilled – another is still open

Until then, however, Schumacher will spend his forced pension in Cologne-Sürth. “People from Cologne are people who like to walk through life with open arms. I miss that,” said the “Tünn” at the turn of the year.

And wished that “by March” – that is, by his 67th birthday, “Corona is defeated”. As is well known, this wish has not been fulfilled. The relegation of 1. FC Köln is still possible.

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