Return flights to Germany: compulsory test for those returning to travel comes into force


Status: 03/30/2021 12:14 a.m.

As of today, all travelers who want to fly to Germany are required to have a corona test. Entry is then only possible with a negative result. There should still not be a general ban on foreign travel.

From today, entry by plane to Germany is only possible with a negative corona test. A corresponding change to the coronavirus entry regulation came into effect at midnight. The new regulation applies regardless of the corona situation in the country from which someone flies to Germany. The test may be a maximum of 48 hours old upon entry. The measure is limited to May 12th.

The obligation to test was initially to be introduced on Friday, and later last Sunday was targeted. The cost of the tests must be borne by the travelers. If the corona test is positive, people are not allowed to enter Germany and have to go into quarantine in accordance with the regulations of the country in which they are staying. But even a negative result does not automatically prevent quarantine in Germany: The corresponding regulations at state level for returnees from corona risk areas continue to apply.

No further ban on travel abroad

Vacation trips abroad are therefore still possible in principle despite the corona pandemic. There will be no ban on foreign travel, as discussed last week. This was confirmed again by a government spokesman: “A legal regulation that goes beyond the applicable provisions is not planned at this point in time.” However, the Federal Government would ask all citizens to refrain from traveling at home and abroad in view of the increasing number of infections.

The discussion sparked among tens of thousands of Easter travelers to Mallorca. The Balearic island was removed from the list of corona risk areas on March 14, so there was no quarantine requirement after the return trip. Chancellor Angela Merkel had said during her consultations with the Prime Minister that it could not be that one was unable to prevent people from flying to Mallorca, but that a 15-kilometer radius of movement could be enforced in Flensburg. But legal concerns and criticism even from the SPD coalition partner had led to the project being abandoned.

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Return flights Germany compulsory test returning travel force


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