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The Irregulars (c) Netflix

When Sherlock Holmes and Dr. When Watson needs temporary detectives on the streets of London, they turn to a group of teenagers who have been washed up. The young snoopers from The Irregulars also encounter supernatural machinations. Today we deduce whether the series could be worthwhile.

The basic idea behind The Irregulars (“The Baker Street gang“) Already after committee work, right? Sherlock Holmes stories have been popular with young audiences since the films with Robert Downey Jr., but especially since the BBC series Sherlock, and if you combine the whole thing with young adult fantasy, you theoretically have the perfect market research -Funzo produced in series. Whether it all comes together in practice as Netflix and series author Tom Bidwell (“Down by the river“, My Mad Fat Diary), today we take a closer look at the elementary opening episode Chapter One: An Unkindness in London.

The Baker Street Irregulars or Baker Street Special Unit, as they are also called in German, are the street children who Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Help Watson with her criminal investigation in London by having her eyes and ears everywhere. An idea that in “Sherlock“When the so-called homeless network was reused. In the new Netflix series, these are the bright Bea (Thaddea Graham), her sister Jessie (Darci Shaw), who is haunted by nightmares, and their friends Spike (McKell David) and Billy (Jojo Macari, who is shockingly not related to Matthew Lillard). Their funny interplay could be directly in a Joss Whedon project, but also in a youth series by The CW, just like in the case of the Discworld adaptation The Watch by BBC America, which had also planned to spice up a classic. Old man purists of the original are fumigated in the first five minutes by the aggressive electro-pop soundtrack.

After getting to know the young characters for the first time, it doesn’t take long for Dr. Watson (Royce Pierrson) is recruited, who makes such a shady appearance that one might mistake him for Jack the Ripper. The case at hand revolves around four missing babies who were kidnapped right under their noses from their parents. Watson hopes for information and clues and promises a good silver price, so that Bea and Co. get to work right away. A large part of the investigation is cleverly shortened by the fact that Spike quickly reviews his research, parroting the dialogue between his various interlocutors while we see a montage. But it doesn’t stop with down-to-earth snooping work, because shortly afterwards the young detective troop is attacked by unconvincing CGI ravens, which will cause flashbacks to “Birdemic” in trash film connoisseurs.

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Review Netflix pilot episode Gang Baker Street


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