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  • At the federal vote on June 13th, the voters decide on a total of five proposals.
  • The necessary signatures for a referendum were gathered in mid-January for the Covid-19 law, the CO2 law and the anti-terror law.
  • The two popular initiatives “For clean drinking water and healthy food” and “For Switzerland without synthetic pesticides” were already ready for voting.

The referendums against three federal laws came about formally, as the Federal Chancellery announced: The first proposal concerns the federal law on the legal basis for ordinances to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Covid-19 Act regulates, among other things, the powers of the Federal Council to combat pandemics. 90,789 valid signatures were found in the referendum. 97,878 were submitted.

The second proposal concerns the federal law on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Two committees collected 123,879 signatures against the CO2 Act, of which 72,622 are valid according to the Federal Chancellery.

Finally, the Federal Act on Police Measures to Combat Terrorism (PMT) will also be voted on. The anti-terror law is intended to enable the police to take preventive measures against so-called terrorist threats. Of the 141,264 signatures submitted by various committees, 76,926 were declared valid.

Simplified signature certification

The Federal Council, Link opens in a new window had already decided at the beginning of February that in addition to two popular initiatives, the three referendum proposals will also be voted on on June 13, provided that the signature certification can be completed by the Federal Chancellery.

The basis for this is contained in the Covid-19 regulation: Referendum committees were able to submit signature lists to the Federal Chancellery for the first time due to the pandemic without a certificate of voting rights. The Federal Chancellery only obtained the certificates in the municipalities if it was necessary.

Two agricultural initiatives for June 13th were already ready for voting. This is the popular initiative “For clean drinking water and healthy food – no subsidies for the use of pesticides and prophylactic antibiotics” (drinking water initiative), Link opens in a new window and the popular initiative “For Switzerland without synthetic pesticides” (pesticide initiative), Link opens in a new window.

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