Rick & Morty: The new season should start in the summer


Fans of “Rick & Morty” will be spoiled: The fifth season is already in the starting blocks, as Adult Swim reveals. According to this, grandfather Rick and his grandson Morty will again make the universe and various parallel worlds unsafe from summer.

The new season of “Rick & Morty” will be broadcast this summer. Adult Swim has released a trailer for the fifth season as well as the information that it will air on June 20th. The broadcaster immediately declared June 20 a “Rick & Morty” day. This will be celebrated with sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes material and surprises on TV, digital and on social media and ushered in the global premiere of the new season.

Rick & Morty: what is season five about?

What will happen in the new season cannot be made out despite the two-minute trailer in which one absurd scene follows the other. A few pointers: A “strange, horny sea man” in an octopus carriage. Some species outside of imagination that pissed off Rick. “Blade” quotes, a mantis as tall as a house that tears apart the city, violent chases with spaceships through space, aggressive green aliens (?) In space suits – and so on. It only seems clear that in the new season not only Rick and Morty experience the crazy adventures, but increasingly the whole family is there.

In Germany, the series can be seen on TNT Comedy from June 21st. The new episodes will be broadcast there in the original English version with German subtitles on Mondays at 10:15 p.m. The makers, Dan Harmon (48) and Justin Roiland (41), seem to have been particularly hardworking during the pandemic: It is the shortest period between two seasons of the series so far. The show has already been nominated for three Emmys and has won it twice in the “Best Animated Series” category.

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Rick Morty season start summer


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