Rossmann removes THESE goods from the range – customer disappointed


Rossmann takes THIS popular product off the market – customer devastated

A Rossmann customer is disappointed.
Photo: IMAGO / Eibner

Anyone can understand THIS anger …

A Rossmann-Customer was absolutely thrilled with a popular product and wanted to buy it again. But when she was back in the Rossmann had been, there was pure disappointment!

The woman then completely disappointed herself Rossmann agile.

Rossmann: Drugstore takes popular product out of its range and causes disappointment

The customer had applied to the Manuka honey mask Rossmann– Used to own brand Alterra.

She writes on Facebook: “Hello, dear Rossmann team, do you still have the mask in your range? I couldn’t find it in two shops. “


This is Rossmann:

  • the second largest drugstore chain in Germany
  • is based in Burgwedel (Lower Saxony)
  • was founded in 1972 by the then 25-year-old Dirk Roßmann as a “market for drugstore goods” in Hannover
  • has almost 2,200 branches in Germany with around 33,400 employees
  • also has branches in Albania, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary as well as in Kosovo and Turkey


Finally it became clear why the woman could no longer find the mask in the Rossmann branches. Because the drugstore explains: “Since it is a limited edition, the item left our range in mid-March.” It is therefore no longer available in all branches.

Rossmann customers have to look for alternatives

For the customer, her fears have thus come true. She will now have to look for another dry skin mask. (nk)


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At Rossmann’s competitor dm, too, a customer recently suffered a serious disappointment. Here you can read what happened.

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Rossmann removes goods range customer disappointed


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