Rostock University Hospital suspends Astrazeneca vaccination for risk groups


RostockAfter a 49-year-old woman died twelve days after a corona vaccination, Rostock University Medical Center no longer wants to vaccinate certain groups of people with the Astrazeneca vaccine for the time being. The NDR reports, citing a spokesman for the clinic. The vaccination with Astrazeneca should therefore be suspended in people with high blood pressure or overweight, as well as in women who take the pill.

Rostock University Medical Center is in contact with the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the spokesman told the broadcaster. When the second vaccinations should be carried out is still open.

The woman – an employee of the university clinic – died on Wednesday evening in the neurology clinic, according to the university medicine department. An autopsy now has to clarify what exactly she died of. However, there are indications of a “vaccine-related incident following a Covid 19 primary vaccination with the Astrazeneca vaccine”.

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Rostock University Hospital suspends Astrazeneca vaccination risk groups


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