Round of 16 European League – cadets defy Champions League winners of 2018 from a draw – sport


  • The Kadetten Schaffhausen draw a 27-27 draw in the first leg of the first leg of the European League away against Montpellier.
  • The cadets collect compensation after a strong performance only in the last second by seven meters.
  • Cadet goalkeeper Kristian Pilipovic shines with 15 saves.
  • The second leg will take place next Tuesday in Schaffhausen (5 p.m., live on SRF).

Little was missing, and the cadets would even have traveled home from southern France with a victory. The right wing Nik Tominec missed the chance to 28:26 27 seconds before the end – it would have been the first lead with two goals difference for the Schaffhausen team.

With the final siren, however, Montpellier’s star player Melvyn Richardsson brought out another penalty, which his team-mate Hugo Descat converted to 27:27.

Cadets turn up after the break

In the 31st minute, the cadets were still 13:16 behind, as a result, thanks to four goals in a series, they were 17:16 (39th) in the front. Goalkeeper Kristian Pilipovic played a large part in the draw, with 15 saves and a 37 percent defense rate.

Jonas Schelker also earned a very good grade. The 21-year-old director, one of the hopefuls in the Swiss national team, not only impressed with his 7 goals.

Respectable success against top team

The Schaffhauseners, who were difficult to calculate on the offensive, can be proud of their performance. Montpellier is the French record champions, won the Champions League in 2018 and is currently number 2 in the domestic league. Duarte, Melvyn Richardson and Valentin Porte were part of the French World Cup team in January.


Open the boxClose the box

Montpellier – Kadetten Schaffhausen 27:27 (15:13)

No spectators. – SR Mandak / Rudinsky (SVK). – Penalties: 1 time 2 minutes against Montpellier, 5 times 2 minutes against Kadetten Schaffhausen.

Cadets Schaffhausen: Pilipovic (15 parades) / Biosca (for 1 penalty); Montoro, Zehnder, Csaszar, Schmidt (3), Schopper, Bartok (3), Novak, Sesum (1), Gerbl, Maros (4), Schelker (7), Frimmel (5/2), Tominec (3), Herburger (1).

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European League cadets defy Champions League winners draw sport


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