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That would be a real hammer: Singer Pietro Lombardi (28) has announced that he will perform at the wedding of his ex-wife Sarah Lombardi (28) – with a song that could let the two indulge in their past together.

  • Pietro Lombardi comments on Sarah’s upcoming wedding
  • Sarah Lombardi would like to have him as a wedding singer
  • Pietro wants to sing a very special song

They were considered a dream couple, met in 2011 during the eighth DSDS season and even stood together in the final, which Pietro ultimately won.

This was followed by the wedding and the birth of their son Alessio (5). Everything seemed so perfect, but in October 2019 Pietro and Sarah separated – with a big and escalating war of roses included.

Sarah Lombardi falls in love again, Pietro is happy for his ex-wife

Now, five years later, Sarah has a new man by her side. Amateur soccer player Julian Büscher (27) is not in the public eye, but recently asked for Sarah’s hand – with success. Pietro is still waiting for the right woman at his side, whom he has not yet been able to find despite a few short love affairs.

Back then they were so in love: In the eighth season of DSDS, Sarah and Pietro Lombardi met and fell in love. The relationship ended five years later.

On his Instagram account, he called on his fans on Wednesday (March 24th) to be able to ask him a few questions. One was: “Are you sad when Sarah is no longer called Lombardi?” His clear answer: “No!”

Pietro Lombardi appears at Sarah’s wedding – with a special song

Because for the benefit of their little son Alessio, the two have grown closer in recent years and built a friendship with each other. When answering the question, Pietro underlined this aspect with a big announcement: “Julian and Sarah are a great couple and Sarah has even arranged me as a wedding singer.”

The hatchet seems to be buried, Pietro obviously allows his ex-wife all the happiness in the world and even wants to support her at her wedding party.

Pietro Lombardi announced that he will be performing at Sarah's wedding.

During an Instagram question and answer session, Pietro Lombardi announced that he would appear at the wedding of his ex-wife Sarah.


Instagram / pietrolombardi

For this big performance he has even picked out a song that he would like to play for Sarah and Julian – and it’s a very special one: “Call my name”, Pietro’s DSDS winning song. (nb)

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Sarah Lombardi married Pietro big plans


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