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The coach helped U19 player Kerim Calhanoglu (18 years old) to make his Bundesliga debut. Malick Thiaw (19), Timo Becker (23), Matthew Hoppe (19), Jan-Luca Schuler (21) were given preference over the established professionals. Grammozis has already started the test run for the 2nd Bundesliga in the game against Mainz and apparently wants to give its young players match practice. A very brave step by the new S04 trainer.

The consequence of this measure: The Schalke were nothing more than an overwhelmed sparring partner for the Mainz, who still have eight points ahead of the knocked-down bottom of the table from Gelsenkirchen. It was an intense game on (almost) only one goal – that of the “Royal Blues”.

Mainz shoots 20 times – Schalke twice

“That was okay from my team. In the second half the game was 90 percent in the Schalke half”said Mainz coach Bo Svensson. “We just missed the goal. And of course that is a bit of a shame.” A lot of effort and almost no income is the balance of the committed, but too flawed appearance of the 05er.

The Mainz team missed a great chance against a defending opponent that evening to work their way up the table. “The whole game went for us. We didn’t manage to win the game.”said the visibly disappointed Jeremiah St. Juste.

Like Schalke, the Mainz team also had countless ball losses and poor concentration, with which they themselves massively disrupted their own offensive game again and again. Nevertheless, they had managed 20 shots on goal. The Schalke, on the other hand, only have two. But the Svensson team lacked any penetration in front of the opposing goal despite their superiority. A recurring problem for Rheinhessen, who have only scored 23 goals in 24 Bundesliga games.

Blatant physical weaknesses

“We were physically really dominant and then you could see that Schalke broke in more and more physically.”said Mainz defender Stefan Bell. Schalke was standing Ko “, attested 05 midfielder Domink Kohr. It was all the more annoying for the Mainz team that they could not defeat this opponent, who had been so battered in many ways. Because the physical condition of Schalke seemed downright questionable.

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Schalke Mainz relegation peak tragedy analysis Bundesliga football


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